Zurmo — installation and deployment


1: installation

Introduction: the official installation of zurmo has provided documents, but they are all very old, PHP version and so on. However, there are still reference values. The address is as follows.

PS: you don’t have to follow all the conditions on the document to start the installation. I suggest that you start the installation directly. During the installation process, zurmo will check your environment. If there is any problem, you will be prompted directly. Just follow the prompts.According to your PHP version, MySQL version and so on. It doesn’t have to be official.

Since someone has written the installation process, I won’t repeat it. Here’s the address. Although the version is a little old, it can still be used. (may need to climb over the wall)

In step 6 of the tutorial, it’s better to translate the English on the right into Chinese before filling in the information, so it’s very clear. For database information and so on.

One step in the installation process is for you to chooseinstall the demo data, which means installationdemoData, this is the official test data generated for you. This step is not necessary. If not, the installation process will be much faster.

The installation process can take a long time becauseZurmoThere are so many database tables in our company that there are about 160 of them.

The previous article also said that you can use the command line to install, but it is not recommended to use that way, which is more intuitive and convenient.

2: Deployment

The deployment here generally refers to the server (commonly usedLiunx)Code deployment on.

We talked about the installation of zurmo before. In fact, the meaning of the deployment on the server is the same as that of the local installation, just different. Pay attention to the selection of application server no matter the local installation or the deployment on the server. The official recommendation isApacheAs an application server, but it should also supportNginxAs an application server, there is a post on the official forum, which makesZurmostayNginxNow it’s running. But do you really need to verify, post address

Because other developers useNginx, but not accessibleZurmoBut because I am notNginx+ZurmoWe have developed it in the environment of, so we can’t provide a solution. If the majority of developers have met and solved, welcome to discuss!

If there is something wrong, please correct it!

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