Zooteam front end weekly No.82


Zhengcai cloud front end tabloid No.82

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Zooteam front end weekly No.82

Cherry pick | one git a day – Nuggets

Cherry pick this git command can gracefully meet your requirements of porting any node to the specified branch. It can also be used in codestream.

Principles of react router

Original addresshttp://blog.poetries.top/2018…1、 The history of react router Foundation

Route of react learning hashrouter and browserrouter – leahtao – blog Garden

Route of react learning hashrouter and browserrouter – leahtao – blog Garden

The front end enters the machine learning ecology, and Node.js Using Python in

From today on, you can start to look at Python documents and use JavaScript to “learn and use” machine learning and deep learning!

(77) best practice of micro front end based on Qiankun

At the beginning of the series of articles on micro front end: best practice of micro front end based on Qiankun (ten thousand words long article) – from 0 to 1 best practice of micro front end based on Qiankun (Illustrated) – inter application communication + ten thousand words long article + illustrated + comprehensive analysis of micro front end framework


Deno, a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.

Deno 1.0: What you need to know – LogRocket Blog

Unofficially billed as “the sequel to Node.js,” Deno is poised to be the most exciting and controversial JavaScript-related release in recent memory.

Pipbook – let the front end embrace the intelligent one stop algorithm platform – Zhihu

Background analysis with the development of deep learning, intelligence has begun to empower all walks of life. As the closest link to users in the Internet, front-end naturally hopes to greatly improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and create better experience for users with the help of AI. Therefore, front-end intelligence is also regarded as front-end

Using prop types to detect props data type in react

1、 Why do you use prop types in multi person development? When people use their own defined components, there may be type error. If you add prop types to your own components, you can add the prop types to the parent components

(3) How do I work in Ali

At the beginning of 2019, the author transferred from Tencent to Ali. New company, new atmosphere. Frankly speaking, the work intensity of Ali’s new position is greater than that of Tencent’s previous position. Soon after I joined the company, I began to work overtime on weekends under the pressure of the trial period defense project. Later, because of my laziness, I interrupted the blog update that I had insisted on for more than a year. After more than a year of Ali edification, I optimized and adjusted part of my work

Let me talk about template oriented front end development – InfoQ writing platform

In software development, R & D efficiency is always one of the themes that developers constantly pursue. For companies, in the highly competitive Internet industry, fast and slow output may determine the survival of the company; for individuals, high efficiency means less overtime and more time to improve themselves, develop hobbies, and accompany their families. Work and life are the same.

Design pattern Catalog: 22 design patterns

Design pattern catalog is grouped according to intention, complexity and popularity, including creation pattern, structure pattern and behavior pattern. Start learning now!

Super detailed analysis of flutter rendering engine | business wants to innovate, how can we do without understanding the underlying principles?

After understanding, is it so simple?

Zooteam front end weekly No.82

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Build HTTP service with C + + Mongoose

Mongoose source code address:https://github.com/cesanta/mo… Mongoose user manual:https://www.cesanta.com/devel… Mngoose set up HTTP service #include <string> #include “mongoose.h” using namespace std; static const char *s_http_port = “8000”; static void ev_handler(mg_connection *nc, int ev, void *ev_data) { struct http_message *hm = (struct http_message *) ev_data; if (ev == MG_EV_HTTP_REQUEST) { std::string uri; if (hm->uri.p && hm->uri.p[0] == ‘/’) […]