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Zhengcaiyun front end tabloid No.80

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[depth: write a websocket protocol [7000 words]]( https://segmentfault.com/a/11…

Learn about websocket protocol, etc

How does HTML / CSS / JS render into the page you see in the browser? [diagram chrome] – cloud + community Tencent cloud

Chrome is standard for programmers. In terms of global market share, its share in the global market has exceeded 60%.

Basic working principle of graphic browser – Zhihu

Foreword every front-end Engineer may want to understand how browsers work. We want to know what the browser has done in just a few seconds from entering the URL in the browser address bar to displaying the page. We want to know why the various code optimization schemes we often hear about can play an optimization role

High level components – short book

If a function operates on other functions, that is, other functions as parameters or functions as return values, it is called higher-order functions. The high-order component is similar to the high-order function, receiving the react component

“Vue modular on-demand compilation, breaking through the bottleneck of compilation” practical chapter – gold digging

Today, I happened to see GitHub and saw a project called & nbsp; webpack virtual Modules & nbsp;. When I went in and looked at it, I was shocked by its design. It’s amazing to me. I can play like this. Then I improved the previous modularization on-demand compilation scheme, and found that it was really cool

How browsers work: behind the scenes of modern web browsers – HTML5 rocks

In this comprehensive introductory article, you’ll learn how to enter google.com When you see the Google homepage on the browser screen, what happens to the browser in the process.

You don’t know electron (1): the magic remote module – Tencent web front-end imweb team community | blog | team blog

Web front end Tencent imweb team community

7 useful properties of CSS you may not know – Nuggets

By Mustapha aouas github.com/qq449245884 … I have collected more articles of high praise in the past and sorted out a lot of my documents and tutorial materials. Welcome star and perfect, you can interview

Interviewer: can you use pure CSS to determine the direction of mouse entry? -Nuggets

Upgrade CSS judge mouse into the direction of the intrepid experienced a long voyage, all the way to wipe out the devil, and finally came to the stone tower where the devil king (refers to the interviewer) is located. The brave accepted a challenge from the watchman Chen Da Yu TOU (here @ Chen Da Yu TOU) in front of the stone tower – to judge the direction of mouse entering the box with pure CSS difficulty. Chen Dayu head: “the brave stay. Before entering the stone tower, please

(12) Twists and turns of an HTTP request – personal article – segmentfault think no

As a programmer, we are dealing with network requests every day, and the front-end programmers are most in touch with HTTP requests. In normal work, processing network requests and other operations are the most. However, the underlying details of a request from the client to the server for processing, sending back the response, and then being received by the client may not have been studied in depth. This article is a reading note of mine, which is just involved in this process and shared

(13) Front end form data – Nuggets

Tree sauce hope to bring the fun of the front end to you this article has been included github.com/littleTreem … Like star ✨ During this period of time, I have been working on the background project in the direction of to B. the frequency of form contact will be more. I want to talk about some basic data sharing of form. 1. Data processing when the form is in the view

Nginx from the beginning to practice, Wanzi detailed explanation! -Nuggets

Recently, I have encountered more and more frequent scenarios that need to configure reverse proxy. When I set up my own blog, I will inevitably use nginx. So I concentrated on learning nginx during this period of time, and made some notes. I hope that I can also help you ~???? this article will install and use nginx in CentOS environment. If you are right

Spacing in CSS

If two or more elements are close, then the user will assume that they somehow belong to each other. When grouping multiple design elements, the user can dec…

Right-to-left Styling

Right-to-left Styling

Zooteam front end weekly No.80