Zooteam front end weekly No.72


Zhengcai cloud front end tabloid No.72

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Use node + vuecli + elemenetui + mongodb to teach you to develop a comprehensive tutorial website, including the backstage management system nuggets

Use node to teach you to write a tutorial website (follow the response style), including the foreground content and background management system, integrating express framework and mongodb database server development; Teach you to use Vue. JS, elementui and iviewui to write beautiful page technology stack. It’s more comprehensive, the most detailed and attentive article. If you can’t learn anything, ask me

Comics: Sao operation series (algorithm problems of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V)

Today, I’d like to share with you a topic about “copy” + “paste”. Don’t say much, just look at the topic.

Redux persist V5 – a short book

When creating a redox store, persistreduce is used to wrap the application’s rootreduce and then pass it to the createstore function. Once the store is created, pass it to P

Looking at Youku node’s reconstruction Road, the future of serverless SSR is promising

From the evolution of Youku’s front-end technology and the prospect for the future.

Ten years of senior technical experts of Amoy Department!

The next intersection is far away!

Simplify and use out of the box

Formly, an open source form solution jointly built by several Bu, is easy to use out of the box.

A front end gray level publishing scheme

This paper introduces a front-end gray publishing scheme, which mainly solves the problem that the traditional gray publishing can only be grouped by machine dimension. This paper provides a gray level publishing mechanism of user dimension grouping.

Remember these 24 ES6 methods to solve the JS problem of actual development – nuggets

This article has been included on github.com/qq449245884… More classification of previous high praise articles, as well as a lot of my documents and tutorial materials. Welcome star and perfect, you can refer to the interview site review, I hope we have something together. This paper mainly introduces 24 ES6

Front end need to understand the computer network knowledge, this one is enough( Picture and text, ten thousand words long text, like the collection- Nuggets

The last one talked about the basic principles of computer composition that the front end of a non subject class needs to master. This article is about computer network. The main purpose of this article is to supplement the basic knowledge of computer science class for the front-end of non science class. For example, if you want to do node development and are not familiar with how to transmit data in the network, you will be confused to understand many APIs. Next, let’s take a look at this article carefully prepared for you

Vue.js develops a global calling message box component – Don’s front end sharing – segmentfault

At present, in the development of personal blog project, we didn’t prepare to use some popular UI libraries at the beginning (after all, it’s a personal project, so it’s better to practice more), so we need to develop several global components ourselves. Here we take the message box as an example to record how vue.js develops the global components.

Reveal the secret! How to design, develop and nugget the new system

Background idle fish is the largest trading platform of idle goods in China. With the growth of leisure fish volume and the continuous expansion of user scale, an ordinary banner on leisure fish app or an ordinary card in feeds may be seen by tens of millions of people every day. In order to better serve the vast number of user groups, more personalized content recommendation and

Solution of mobile terminal ceiling fixbar

On the IOS side, use the position: sticky attribute, and use the properties similar to position: relative and position: absolute

Zooteam front end weekly No.72