Zooteam front end weekly issue 87


Zhengcai cloud front end tabloid No. 87

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Zooteam front end weekly issue 87

Understand what VLAN, layer 3 switch, gateway, DNS, subnet mask and MAC address are

The most understandable guide to VLAN, layer 3 switch, gateway and other knowledge in history.

Understand typescript generics and Applications

I think typescript generics are a little difficult. From the perspective of my friends who want to systematically learn the relevant knowledge of typescript generics, this paper takes you step by step to learn generics in typescript from eight aspects.

Challenge the most humorous vuex series of tutorials in the whole network: Lesson 2 vuex’s state and getter

Challenge the most humorous vuex tutorial in the whole network, so that there are no difficult technologies in the world.

Is the full permutation algorithm of front-end e-commerce SKU difficult? Learn this routine and thoroughly master the arrangement and combination

Preface I saw a hot post in Nuggets some time ago. I’m too lazy to work overtime today. Can you write these two algorithms? I took you to the e-commerce company to write the commodity center, which mentioned an interesting story to the effect that a seemingly simple Full Permutation and combination algorithm of e-commerce SKU, but many people failed to write it smoothly. A young graduate gave his ideas during the interview

Structured thinking, doing and growing

Building structured thinking, driving work with structured mode and building our own ability with structured system, ranging from writing PPT to providing greater value for business, are all models worthy of our use.

How does the micro front end land?

Written in front: This article is excerpted from the book front end architecture: from introduction to micro front end by Huang Fengda of ThoughtWorks. This is an implementation manual focusing on the front-end architecture, from the basic architecture specification to how to design the front-end architecture, and then to split complex front-end applications using micro front-end architecture. By systematically introducing all aspects of the front-end architecture world, we can help front-end engineers better carry out system design.

10 Web APIs that open the door to my new world

It turns out that I know nothing about many web APIs, which opens the door to my new world. In the future, the web can do more. Unify the Jianghu as soon as possible, roar. Although many of these APIs still have compatibility problems, it is still necessary to understand. I have tested the code in this article. I hope you can gain something after reading it.

Summarize 18 webpack plug-ins, there will always be what you want!

What is a plug-in? A functional module that focuses on a specific task in the compilation process of webpack can be called a plug-in. Plugin is an extender, which enriches the webpack itself. It is aimed at the whole process of webpack packaging after the loader. It does not directly operate files, but is based on

Three years of GIT experience & common problems sorting

Git flowchart workspace: workspace index / stage: staging area Repository: warehouse area (or local warehouse) remote: remote warehouse configuration git # configuration global user $git config — global user. Name “user name

15 useful GitHub features you may not know

introduction???? In our daily work, GitHub is an essential code hosting platform, but most students only use it as a place to host code and do not use it reasonably. In fact, there are many interesting places in GitHub. Of course, these skills can also greatly improve your work efficiency. I sorted out some of my usual

Node.js Child Processes: Everything you need to know

Node.js Child Processes: Everything you need to know…

Nodejs advanced: answer some questions about the cluster module

What cluster mode does the cluster module of nodejs adopt? Why can multiple processes listen on the same port? How do multiple processes communicate? How to distribute requests to multiple workers( Load balancing policy

Such a coquettish JS code, aren’t you afraid of being beaten

Javascript code guide ~ use it carefully!

Zooteam front end weekly issue 87