Zooteam front end weekly issue 81


The 81st issue of Xiaozheng newspaper

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Zooteam front end weekly issue 81

How JavaScript implements history route change monitoring

Foreword, we all know that there are two ways to change and switch the page through the address bar of the browser: ① change through hash, use window.onhashchange monitor. ② Through the change of history, JS operation is carried out to load the page. However, history is not as simple as hash because history

The Cost of Javascript Frameworks – Web Performance Consulting | TimKadlec.com

The Cost of Javascript Frameworks – Web Performance Consulting | TimKadlec.com

I’m so tired to do business, but my performance is not good. I can only help you here -Dig for gold

Foreword as a front-end business, to complete the business needs at the same time, but also to deal with a variety of online problems, overtime hard busy for a year, but also be said by the boss “thinking is not enough”, “no business When I went out for an interview and was asked about the project, I couldn’t say anything bright or challenging. I wanted to do something exciting, but I didn’t find any valuable direction. I finally found some

Just now, GitHub launched four new features – InfoQ

Today, GitHub hosted satellite 2020 online. Satellite is GitHub’s largest international product and community event of the year

Data type conversion is enough to see this article – Nuggets

In daily development, every value defined by JS we use belongs to a certain data type. Common JS data types include string, number, Boolean, object, undefined, null, symbol, etc., among which symbol is a new data type introduced by ES6,

How many methods does JS do type checking? Read this article to know! -Dig for gold

JS has many data types. The identification and mutual conversion of different data types is also a common test point in the interview. This paper mainly talks about type conversion and type detection. The data types in JS are mainly divided into two categories: original type (value type) and reference type. The common data types are shown in the following figure: the original data type is stored in the stack, and the reference type is stored in the stack

(11) What do you want to know about the first stable version of flutter 1.17 in 2020? -Dig for gold

On May 6, 2020, the first stable version of the year, 1.17.0, was finally launched. It has been nearly 5 months (146 days) since the last stable version was released. Affected by what you and I know all over the world, this year’s Google I / O has also been cancelled, which has affected the release of this version to a certain extent. At the same time, it will appear near the release

(11) Today’s chat: from serverless to see front end involution – gold mining

Today’s group poster mentions the server less special session on May 16; www.huodongxing.com/go/tl6 Without it, we started some soul Dialogues:

These five useful CSS properties were completely ignored by me

Today, I’d like to share with you some CSS properties that I learned very late, and no one has told me about their existence before.
Maybe you, unlike me, already know these properties.

Using recompose to build high-level components – front end afternoon tea – segment fault

At workplace, we constantly use different component design patterns to iterate our products to adapt to the rapidly changing react ecosystem. Earlier, we learned a little bit from experimenting with high-level component design patterns (HOC).

About vue-cli3 project common item configuration – vipbic – segmentfault

Configure the global CDN, including JS and CSS, enable gzip compression, remove the comments and remove the comments of JS and CSS files console.log Compressed image local agent set alias, vscode can also identify configuration environment variables, development mode, test mode, production mode request routing, add Axios configuration add mock data configuration global less only package changed files, open analysis packaging log vue.config.js Complete schema {HTML configuration code

Tencent imweb team typescript in the future

This paper describes his mental process from a typescript resister to a supporter, and his practical experience of typescript

What are the front-end technology trends that cannot be missed in 2020?

What challenges will front-end practitioners face?

Vs Code Editor guide to getting started Part 1 – core components and concepts – Minority

Write it at the front
If the computer can only install one software, but also need to try not to affect the daily study and work, do not know what your choice will be. I understand this seemingly “absurd” question as an upgraded version of “all in one”.
This problem has been with me for a long time

Zooteam front end weekly issue 81

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