Zooteam front end weekly issue 73


Zhengcaiyun front end tabloid No.73

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How does the front-end leader make team planning? Alibaba internal training summary open – Zhihu

&#Han Yu has been in Ali for more than three years, from front-end engineer to team leader. The most important and difficult thing is to plan. You may encounter the following problems: business pressure is huge, front-end is the bottleneck, how to make appropriate planning? How to improve

Feizhu serverless system has been established from scratch, with more than 10 business scenarios

Welcome to the world of serverless.

Enterprise sharing summary of chrome page presentation principle and performance optimization (complete ppt attached)

Some time ago, I sorted out the browser related knowledge, and made a company level sharing. More than 60 people came to listen to my sharing, and felt that it was ok, ha ha.

From the practice of Ali’s front-end engineering in China and Taiwan, to see the advantages and disadvantages of China Taiwan Construction

Front end engineering must be a big trend, but

It’s time to experience the charm of GitHub action – nuggets

GitHub action is a new function of automatic CI / CD launched by GitHub. With the full opening of GitHub to this function after November 2019, all GitHub users can directly use this function (GitHub has to be said at this time). Github Action VS Travis C…

Release UMI 3, plug-in enterprise front-end application framework

UMI 3 released

RSA exploration, talk about how to crack HTTPS – Nuggets

This article discusses an interesting question: how to crack HTTPS? As we all know, now almost the entire Internet uses HTTPS, and some browsers will give warnings to websites that are not HTTPS. In the interview, I often ask about the HTTPS. This article will go deep into the principle of HTTPS and talk about how to crack it. If HTTPS wants to crack

I really want to develop with typescript + react hooks

This article direct inspiration: finally understand react hooks!!!!! Here is my GitHub / blog address. If you can help me, I’ll give you a star to watch other people’s typescript & nbsp; and react hooks & nbsp;, so I envy you

Understand the practice of Vue project development 16 aspects in depth front end engineering development skills

Foreword: the first two articles summarize most of the skills and contents of Vue development, and the last one is to finish it. In this article, we will talk about some problems that require higher understanding and practice of Vue. First of all, life cycle is the content. With more practice, the more significant it is, the more profound the understanding will be Powerful, code reuse organization is very high

Core author of Ant Design talks about the story behind the 4.0 update – Nuggets

Ant design is a set of enterprise UI design language and react component library launched by ant financial services. Since its launch in 2015, ant design has been widely concerned and used. At present, more than 57000 stars have been obtained on GitHub. Recently, ant design released version 4.0, bringing some significant

Zooteam front end weekly issue 73

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Regular expression sharing for checking primes

This regular expression is shown as follows: Regular expressions for checking prime numbers or not To use this positive regular expression, you need to convert the natural number into multiple 1 strings. For example, 2 should be written as “11”, 3 should be written as “111”, 17 should be written as “11111111111”. This kind of […]