Zooteam front end weekly issue 68


Zhengcaiyun front end tabloid No.68

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To the compatriots who died in the pneumonia epidemic.

HTTP’s past and present

HTTP’s past and present.

593 sets of front-end video tutorial all free fight against epidemic situation

I am a technical fat. Under the cover of the national new crown epidemic, many small partners dare not go out (our community has been under martial law, each family only issues one pass, and can only go out for an hour every day). Maybe many of them will lose their jobs. As a programmer who still has one million housing loans to repay, he can’t help too much economically, but he should also practice and resist Fight the epidemic, do your best

15 minutes to take you to understand the JavaScript Design Pattern (with detailed mind map and source code) – dig gold

Design pattern is not only a necessary skill for a programmer, but also a touchstone to judge an engineer’s working experience and ability. Design pattern is a summary of the programmer’s working experience for many years, which can optimize the code to a greater extent and reconstruct the existing code reasonably, Learning design pattern is another way to summarize and reflect on my work experience

Understanding CORS cross domain (front end + back end code example explanation) – digs gold

I am often asked some questions, such as those from Java Server: my server has returned correctly, and the test environment debug can see why the front-end can’t get the data? Then the students who write the front end will ask: why can’t the server-side students get the cookie when I set withcredentials = true?

My common way to write CSS

Foreword this article is the author writes CSS commonly used routine. No matter how gorgeous the effect is, everything changes. Interlaced animation sometimes, we need to add the same animation to multiple elements. After playing, it is not difficult to find that they will move together and end together, which will be very prosaic. So how do you make animation a little bit more interesting? It’s simple, since they’re all at the same time

Five visualization solutions help you to analyze the bottleneck of webpack packaging performance – gold mining

Foreword in the last two chapters, we have introduced the JavaScript packaging mechanism and all the built-in configuration of webpack. However, when the project business function reaches a certain scale, the default configuration is not enough to meet the expectations of developers and users, so we need to optimize the webpack configuration. There are several basic rules about Optimization: first of all

How the front-end code is generated intelligently

As one of the four major technical directions of the front-end Committee of Ali economy, the front-end intelligent project has experienced the periodic test of 2019 double-11, and has delivered good answers. 79.34% of the online codes of the newly added modules in tmall Taobao double-11 venue are automatically generated by the front-end intelligent project. During this period, the R & D team experienced many difficulties and thinking

As of February 2020, there are 20 most popular CSS frameworks for programmers. Do you have any dishes? -Dig for gold

In the twinkling of an eye, a month has passed in 2020. While praying for the epidemic to dissipate as soon as possible, don’t forget to learn. In this paper, we have collected 20 most popular front-end CSS frameworks for programmers. Some of them have been on the list for a long time, and there are many rising stars. Some are simple CSS frameworks, and some are combined with JavaScript to provide

The principle of Redux in 10 lines of code

In fact, Redux did not have any internal technical plans, In the process of review, the author spent a considerable amount of time to consult the data and implement the code, and accumulated thousands of words of notes before and after, and also had an insight into redux

JS maintains nginx reverse proxy, so mom doesn’t have to worry about my cross domain anymore! -Dig for gold

Some nonsense (directly look at the code can be skipped) “cross domain, how to do ah!” “Ask yourself, we don’t cooperate with the backstage.” “Just write a few words, CORS, jsonp, header…” “no way! wrongful! unsafe! … “horizontal slot, this interface cross domain again, I cnmlgb”

Zooteam front end weekly issue 68