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Zhengcaiyun front end tabloid NO.67

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Real time dynamic map development of Wuhan pneumonia

The epidemic map and real-time authoritative news were provided in the real-time dynamics of pneumonia in dingxiangyuan, but there was no provincial or municipal map. While I am not going out to contribute to our country every day, I have made a simple expansion of the epidemic map, aiming to help you understand the situation in your hometown more intuitively. Code in github.com/shfshanyue/

The realization of handwritten code that beginners and intermediate front-end should master – Nuggets

After the new year will soon come to the golden Sanyin four seasons, presumably many students have been eager to try, began to prepare for the interview in advance, this paper lists some common handwritten code implementation in the interview process for reference. Perhaps many people will ask, what is the significance of these handwritten code implementations? The community already has a lot of poly fill or function libraries to choose from. Why bother with it? My understanding is,

Byte jump Interviewer: please implement a large file upload and breakpoint continuation – nuggets

Foreword this period of time the interviewer is very busy, frequently appears in the blog article title, although I do not want to rub the heat, but really can not think of a good title. -As a matter of fact, I was asked this question in the interview, and it was a programming problem of online coding. Although I had the right idea at that time, it was a pity that I didn’t get it right in the end

How to generate global unique ID in distributed environment? -Dig for gold

In a distributed system, some scenarios need to use a globally unique ID, which can be related to the business scenario, such as the payment serial number, or it can be independent of the business scenario. For example, a global unique ID is required after the database is divided into tables, or used as the transaction version number, distributed link tracking, etc Global uniqueness: This is the most basic requirement,

Wuhan2020: Wuhan novel coronavirus epidemic prevention information collection platform

[open source project] unite as one to fight against new pneumonia!

It’s time to get rid of postman. Try vs Code’s own artifact plug-in – nuggets

Interface debugging is an essential skill for every software development practitioner. A project must go through a lot of interface tests. In the actual development process, the interface debugging time is no less than the actual development time. As front-end developers, we usually use postman (or postwoman, etc.) tools to call rest API

In 2020, no more webpack code will not smell (nearly 10000 words of actual combat) – Nuggets

Foreword 2020 is coming, in many front-end recruitment requirements, the word “webpack” and “Engineering” are more and more frequent. In daily developers, we often use scaffolding such as Vue CLI and create react app to build our projects. But if you want to stand out on the team and get a better offer(

Let’s talk about the flex algorithm in flexbox layout segment fault

By now, flexbox layout should be one of the most popular layouts. The biggest feature of flexbox layout is to make the flex project scalable, that is, the width and height of flex project can automatically fill the remaining space of flex container or reduce the insufficient width of flex project to fit flex container. All this depends on the flex property in the flexbox property. A flex container is allocated proportionally according to the expansion ratio of each flex project

Browser rendering process and performance optimization from 8 interview questions

In the era of mobile Internet, users have higher and higher requirements for the opening speed of web pages. Baidu user experience research shows that the relationship between page abandonment rate and page opening time is shown in the figure below. According to the research results of Baidu user experience department, the page loading time expected and accepted by ordinary users is less than 3 seconds. If the page load time is too slow, the user will lose

My life is up to me. Handwritten forms take time – nuggets

Foreword, we all know that forms are the most frequently dealt with in background projects, and the time spent on forms varies from person to person. It can be said that forms occupy most of our page development time, because there was no unified page form specification in the team at first, so everyone wrote it very freely. Maybe we were only interested in knocking for a while, and we were always happy when we knocked all the time. But it’s not

Zooteam front end weekly issue 67

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The course of using Chinese software of poedit Pro

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