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Tencent video Node.js How does service support the high concurrency of live broadcast of National Day military parade?

This paper summarizes the high concurrency of video side development from three dimensions of service availability, cache and log Node.js Some experience in service.

Node.js –Cluster principle analysis – novak12 – blog Garden

Node.js –Cluster principle analysis – novak12 – blog Garden

New characteristics of grass planting es2020

In recent years, ECMA TC39 has updated the ECMAScript standard once a year. Up to now, the following features have entered the finished state. Now let’s take you to experience the new features of grass planting es2020. 1 Promise.allSettled Promise.all Defects are known promise

Review of front end technology development in 2019 – Zhihu

Unknowingly, the year 219 left quietly. “Ali’s mother’s front-end explosion” has gone through two years since the first internal article. Looking back on the past, we have sorted out the technological development context worthy of understanding in 2019. ECMAScript 2019 on schedule

The difference between git rebase and git merge

Description git rebase and git merge are both used to obtain and merge from a branch to the current branch, but they work in different ways. The following working scenario shows the difference between them

(21) you will be the person you want to be

Hello, I’m koala, an interesting and sharing person. I’m not a big guy. I’m the little koala who keeps learning among many programmers. The year of my life in 2019 is a year with more turning points and more harvest for me. Forget all the unhappy things and sum up the happy things in this year. This summary is not only for myself to see, mainly want to experience their own hope

How does webpack pack work? You’ll understand after reading this article. – nuggets

The preface [practice series] is mainly to let us deepen the understanding of some principles through practice. [practice series] front end routing [practice series] Babel principle [practice series] practice this time, thoroughly understand the browser cache mechanism [practice series] can you write a promise? Yes I promise。 If you are interested, you can close it

(1) Browser rendering process and performance optimization from 8 interview questions

In the era of mobile Internet, users have higher and higher requirements for the opening speed of web pages. Baidu user experience research shows that the relationship between page abandonment rate and page opening time is shown in the figure below. According to the research results of Baidu user experience department, the page loading time expected and accepted by ordinary users is less than 3 seconds. If the page load time is too slow, the user will lose

(1) Svg filter used to work like this – front end – nuggets

Look at the picture before you start: you can see that a special blur effect is used in the picture, and the blur effect has the following characteristics: the blur effect is independent of the original image. In other words, the fuzzy effect here is not designed in advance in the design software, only a few lines of code can be used

(1) Ant Design 4.0 is here! What did the third see conf say? -Dig for gold

On January 4, 2020, the third see conf ant ant financial experience technology conference was held in Hangzhou as scheduled. At the conference, ant financial disclosed Ant Design 4.0 preview version, phantom parrot digital cockpit, and visual intelligent R & D process Ava. With visualization, intelligence and other means, let experience technology from good-looking

(1) Ten recommended CSS animation Libraries – Nuggets

In this article, I’ll show you ten excellent CSS animation libraries I’ve found / encountered so far. I tried about 30, but these are the 10 that I found the best. Note that these libraries can run without introducing JavaScript. Again: the entire article was written on a mobile phone, so if you’re looking at it on a computer or tablet, here’s a screenshot

Three ways to realize micro front end: Nuggets

The concept of the front end of ThoughtWorks was first proposed in 2016. Its core idea is to use the concept of back-end microservice architecture for reference, and divide a single huge front-end application into several simple and independent front-end projects. Each front-end project can be independently developed, tested and deployed. Finally, a container is used to combine the split micro front-end engineering into

Zooteam front end weekly issue 64

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PHP real regular expression (1): verifying mobile phone number

In this paper, by gradually improving a regular expression to verify the mobile phone number, we introduce the application of regular expressionCharacter group、classifier、String start / end position、grouping、Selection structure in grouping、Back reference、Named groupingAnd so on. 1 basic verification That is to verify whether the string is 11 digits. expression [0123456789]{11} or[0-9]{11} or\d{11} Knowledge points Character group:Using […]