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Zhengcaiyun front end tabloid No.52

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Let’s make it more mobile resolution! -Dig for gold

Foreword many of the company’s businesses are still in the stage of using PX and flexible layout for style processing. Sometimes it’s because of visual requirements, sometimes it’s afraid of online problems, so-called breaking down and then building. Mobile adaptation scheme is an old topic, but for different projects and different business scenarios, different adaptation schemes may be needed for mobile adaptation, and downward compatible ba

Elegant processing form linkage

Old friends thousands of miles, new cicada three or two sound.

On the construction of front end system

The construction of front-end system starts from the front-end, and the full-time development slowly begins to evolve. In the past, we used to describe some technical details as required by the front-end system, but did not see the connection behind it. The so-called construction way is to establish forward and backward connections. Front end in the project research and development of the upper class is interactive vision, the next

GitHub 60000 + star: the art of command line

Command line proficiency is a skill that is often overlooked or considered difficult to master, but in practice, it can increase your flexibility and productivity as an engineer. This article is a summary of some command line tips I found when I was working on Linux. Some techniques are very basic, while others are quite complex and even obscure. This article is not long, but when you can master it skillfully

How to build a highly available server rendering project

How to build a highly available server rendering project

Introduction to memorization technology — using closures to improve your react performance – Zhihu

The memory technology of reading guidance motivation in react uses remember one to implement memorization technology with closure. The memorization technology in react hook improves the performance of your components. Motivation in the development of react projects, there is a common scenario: a data structure is requested from the server, which is very complex

Thinking habits that good developers should have

The most complicated and the most simple

[issue 1658] expert debugging for chrome – introducing the best use of chrome developer tools

Each has its own merits in debugging dragon killing

[middle and background applications] from form abstraction to form platform

From form abstraction to form in form Author: Jinc believes that front-end development students are not unfamiliar with forms, and today, form application writing has become more convenient because of the emergence of react, Vue and other frameworks. In the front-end work, there are a lot of middle and back-end application form development workload, the author himself is deeply involved in it, so in order to let the hair not fall too fast, heavy

Webpack principle – Hanqing – segmentfault

View all document pages: front end development documentation for more information. The original link: webpack principle, the original advertising modal box is blocked, reading experience is not good, so sort out the cost of text, easy to find.

Write to the novice front-end file upload strategy, from small pictures to large files breakpoints – nuggets

Write in front of this year’s National Day holiday can finally hold at home, do not go out, do not go out to see the back of the brain, is really a kind of enjoyment. How to waste such a good time? How can we sleep, eat and play peas? It’s totally out of line with our programmer’s style. We should get up and finish the article. This article is relatively basic, written in spare time during the national day, and has been improved in recent days

Principle of flutter and practice of free fish depth

Cross platform technology framework, application of Google fluent in idle fish

Watching NBA with command line

The finest NBA CLI. Contribute to xxhomey19/nba-go development by creating an account on GitHub.

Russian programme

Use React, Redux, Immutable to code Tetris. Contribute to chvin/react-tetris development by creating an account on GitHub.

Ttml — subtitle specification for W3C to win Emmy Award

When it comes to the video subtitle format, we usually think of. SRT,. Ass and other commonly used formats. Now when it comes to web subtitle format, the first reaction is definitely webvtt. We know that to load subtitles in < video > or < audio > tags, we need to use < track > tags to embed subtitle files. In the document of track, we will find that there is also a web subtitle format, that is, ttml, the protagonist of this article.

26 common easy to forget CSS tips – Nuggets

Collect common but easy to forget CSS implementation methods, if there are omissions or supplements, please correct! Solve the setting of inline block element overflow:hidden Attribute causes elements in adjacent rows to be shifted downward. Wrap {display: inline block; overflow: Hi

Five JS bad coding habits, how many do you have – nuggets

Dmitri pavlutin alicloud has been doing activities recently with a discount of 20% promotion.aliyun.com/ntms/yunpar … Have you ever read JavaScript code like this

New features of HTTP / 2 and HTTP / 3

Compared with HTTP / 1.1, http / 2 has greatly improved the performance of web pages. Just upgrading to the protocol can reduce a lot of performance optimization work that needs to be done before. Of course, compatibility issues and graceful degradation should be one of the reasons why they are not widely used in China.

Under the commercial scene, how does Baidu practice Node.js framework?

In Node.js How to choose graphql to upgrade restful API during server upgrade? How to use the advantages and characteristics of new technologies to improve R & D efficiency and reduce operating costs?

1 hour to complete the card drag, automatic permutation and exchange position, drag and drop data access – Nuggets

This is the first article in this series. I encapsulated a drag card component implemented by Vue and released it to NPM, which recorded the overall production process in detail. There are three articles in total, which introduce the idea of making components and the problems encountered

Zooteam front end weekly issue 52