zhudongfangyu. What is exe? Can I delete it


Open the task manager and the “zhongfangyu.exe process file” appears on the process. However, many netizens are not sure what the process is. So Xiaobian will introduce it to youzhudongfangyu. What is exe? Can I delete itRelevant contents of.
zhudongfangyu. What process is exe
Zhongfangyu is a Pinyin writing method for active defense. In fact, it is the active defense document of 360 security guard, and it is also a service item. This file (service) provides 360 security guards with real-time protection, file audit, active defense, intelligent acceleration and other functions, which increases the scanning speed of 360 cloud killing engine by 10 times, saves 80% of memory, and greatly improves the efficiency of Trojan horse killing. It is recommended not to close it.
zhudongfangyu. What is exe? Can I delete it
Of course, it can be deleted. We just need to close it through 360. First, open 360 security guard, select “Trojan Firewall – Settings – Advanced Settings – manage services in 360 active defense services – temporarily turn off self-protection, and then click OK. Then, press ctrl+alt+delete to open the task manager, find zhudongfangyu.exe in the process option, and click OK to end the process. Finally, open my computer – control panel – Management Services – services, find the service information and close it.
However, Xiaobian suggests not to close this service under normal circumstances. Closing this service may cause the computer to be attacked by Trojan horse and destroy the program, resulting in a series of problems. Moreover, the program does not occupy memory and CPU running speed. All users do not need to worry about the problem that the network speed is occupied by the program. If we find that this program takes up a large amount of memory, it may be damaged by the Trojan horse. Then it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive check on the computer to kill the virus.
The above is zhongfangyu Exe is what process, can you delete all the contents of it. I hope it will help you.

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