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  1. Implementation of web page recordingJavaScript

    Sometimes, when you don’t know the user’s specific operation, there is no way to reproduce this error. At this time, if there is an operation recording screen, you can clearly understand the user’s operation path, so as to reproduce this bug and repair it.

  2. If I am the leader of the front-end team, how to formulate the front-end collaboration specification? – NuggetsOccupation sentiment

    Ten thousand words long article, continue to refresh my article length record, involving all aspects of front-end development. This article will continue to update and improve, some of the views of the article may be arbitrary or incomplete, welcome to comment and supplement, and improve the article together. Thank you for fighting alone in the front-end field for a long time (the implication is that the team is one person), and you are the norm. With the expansion of the company’s business

  3. Image lazy loading and chrome native lazy loading implemented by JSHTML

    Today’s websites are full of media resources, such as pictures and videos. Images account for about 50% of the average traffic on the site. However, most of these images have no chance to enter the user’s field of vision, because they are located outside the front page of the website page.

  4. CSS position: static / relative / absolute / fixed positioning – front end – NuggetsCSS

    Deepen understanding of position

  5. Vscode principle analysis breakpoint debugging Taobao fed Taotao front end teamDebugging tools

    Learn how to debug and implement functions in IDE.

  6. Arrow function of JS exception function NuggetsJavaScript

    An in-depth understanding of this direction of arrow function

  7. Debugging skills of chrome debugging toolsDebugging tools

    Mastering chrome debugging skills can make your development more efficient

  8. This time, get a thorough understanding of promise principle – NuggetsJavaScript

    Understand promise principle

  9. 11 react UI component libraries you should know in 2019 – NuggetsReact

    Original address: 11 react UI component libraries you should know in 2019 original author: Jonathan saring translation from: Nuggets translation plan this article permanent link: github.com/xitu/gold-m Translator: El

  10. Recommend 21 top-level Vue UI libraries! -Liu Hongbin blogVue

    Recommend 21 top-level Vue UI libraries! Recently, with the outbreak of star wars, vue.js has more stars on GitHub than react. Although NPM’s

  11. Learn this keyword again (Advanced necessary knowledge) – dig goldJavaScript

    Why to learn this keyword interview will ask ah! There are always some interviewers who like to ask you a piece of code that can’t be written like this. Look at a classic and ancient interview question (at the end of this article, there will be a more complex interview question waiting for you! )The code is as follows: var a = 5; VAR obj = {A: 10, foo

  12. Front end understanding dependency injection (inversion of control) – personal article – segmentfault think noVue

    Dependency injection is a design principle in object-oriented programming, which can reduce code coupling.

  13. Best practice of front end monitoring in the era of GMTC large front endJavaScript

    This article is from Alibaba cloud front-end monitoring team. Please indicate that the source of this article is GMTC (global large front-end technology conference) held in Beijing on June 21, 2018. The afternoon performance and monitoring session is a speech delivered by Peng Weichun, the front-end technology expert of Alibaba cloud front-end monitoring team. The theme is “best practice of front-end monitoring in the era of large front-end”. The on-site feedback effect was very good. There were three laps on the ground. Many people reported that they couldn’t squeeze in at all. Take photos on site first.

  14. How to become a failed programmerOccupation sentiment

    Everyone has their own pace of growth, and the definition of success varies from person to person. Before we move to the so-called “success”, we should understand what is “failure”.

  15. Position: usage of stickyCSS

    Understand the use of position: sticky in a more humorous and simple way

  16. Some “scrolling” behaviors of browsersJavaScript

    Browser scrolling really see the sun and the sun every day. For example, you have to scroll when you read this article. This article mainly talks about some methods and attributes related to scrolling. There are also some interesting examples???? the methods or attributes involved in the article will be linked at the end of the article, which is convenient for you to consult by yourself!

  17. How to make your JS more beautifulJavaScript

    How to write beautiful code, how to make code style more standardized, this is a required course to become an excellent program ape. The author of this article will share some experience of writing JS for a long time, and hope that everyone can get something.

  18. There are so many website performance indicators. Have you chosen the right one? – Nuggetsperformance

    Why is performance important? From the perspective of user experience, whether a website or app is attractive or not, 75% of the people think that page loading time is a core factor, which is far higher than other issues affecting user experience, such as simplicity and ease of use, screen adaptation, design attractiveness, etc. For business, performance will also directly affect user retention, page transformation, user experience and so on.

Zhengcaiyun front end tabloid No.47

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