Zero track damaged floppy disk formatting tips


The floppy disk with zero track damage is a headache. It can not be formatted with DOS format command and pctools disk formatting function. It is obviously a pity to give up the floppy disk. The following describes the method of formatting with pctools.
     The steps of formatting are as follows:
1. Start pctools and press F3 to enter the disk function state
2. Type n to select a disk
3. If disk a (1.44M) is selected, first select the 720K option to format the disk, and then select the 1.44M option to format it;
If disk B (1.2m) is selected, first select 360K option to format the disk, and then select 1.2m option to format it
4. After formatting, press ESC to exit pctools
In this way, the formatted floppy disk can be reused