ZABBIX alarm message lykchat information transmission system


The lykchat information transmission system is developed by Python 3, which provides information transmission tools for system managers based on personal micro signals by simulating wechat web end.

The functions include user login management, wechat login management and wechat information sending.


1. Simple and efficient
    Based on personal micro signal, it simulates the wechat web side, which is easy to deploy and maintain
    Web management page realizes visual management of wechat login
    The interface uses URL to simplify the complexity of calling, and the returned results are in JSON format
2. Information sharing 
    By sharing user session and wechat login information, the system can run stably for a long time 
3. 7 * 24 uninterrupted service
    Regularly check the wechat login status when planning tasks, and wechat keeps logging in for more than 20 days
4. Support sending multimedia information
    In addition to supporting sending pure text messages, it also supports sending pictures, videos, files and other information
5. User management
    Through user isolation wechat personal number, different users manage different micro signals
    User password is divided into management password and interface password to ensure the security of user information
6. Wechat information security
    Will not monitor and store wechat chat information
    Friends will not be added or deleted


Management page — function display

Management page — wechat login time

Interface – message sent successfully

Instructions for sending information interface

Modules and workflow

Installation manual