Yunqi Capital announced to join the OpenCloudOS operating system community and contribute its nearly ten years of experience in the open source field to the community


Recently, Yunqi Capital, as an initial member, announced to join the OpenCloudOS operating system open source community.

The earliest domestic research-based venture capital institution focusing on “technological innovation + industrial empowerment”, since its establishment in 2014, it has systematically cultivated around the two directions of “technology industrialization” and “industrial digitalization”, and its investment scope covers Cutting-edge technology, advanced manufacturing, intelligent equipment, SaaS and enterprise services, B2B supply chain and other tracks. Among them, open source and basic software are one of the directions that Yunqi continues to pay attention to, and in the early stage, it led the investment in PingCAP, Zilliz, Jina AI, Singularity and other leading companies in the industry.

As a professional investor in the domestic open source industry, Yunqi has been recognized by the industry including the open source innovation of “Science and Technology China” for many times, and Yunqi’s investors are the only domestic open source pioneers in the industry. In order to better support the development of the domestic open source industry, Yunqi and the largest open source community in China “Kaiyuanshe” jointly released the 2021 open source report, which has been fully recognized by domestic and foreign industries. In addition, Yunqi was invited to provide commercial perspectives to the industry at several world-class industry summits, including Amazon Cloud Technology Summit, China Open Source Annual Conference and VMware Smart Cloud Edge Open Source Summit. In order to fully communicate the spirit of open source, Yunqi also holds a series of open source activities for a long time, exploring the technical boundaries with the industry’s top developers and building a community ecology.

As the concept of open source gradually becomes popular among the people, Chinese enterprises are also changing from users of open source to contributors and even promoters of open source. In this context, Yunqi learned that Tencent and its partners jointly initiated the open source operating system community OpenCloudOS; Yunqi hopes that the community can truly create a completely neutral, fully open, safe, stable, high-performance operating system and ecosystem. This also means that the community will not have manufacturer labels, nor will it be dominated by any single manufacturer, and will be able to gather domestic and foreign operating system research and development forces, community members’ consensus decision-making, and industry-university-research-use co-construction ecology.

Chen Yu, partner of Yunqi Capital, said that open source is not just about making the code public, but that excellent open source projects can provide leverage for software development and product customer acquisition. The development and feedback of the community are based on the talent pool, and then accurately allow open source commercial companies to reach users and form transformations. To do open source, the most important thing is not to forget the original intention. The love and pursuit of technology is a necessary condition. In the direction of open source, Yunqi has systematically invested in open source companies including PingCAP since the beginning of 2016, and has become a benchmark for domestic open source software. In the future, Yunqi will also contribute its nearly ten years of experience in the open source field to the community to support its construction and development.

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