Yunqi album | the third insight of Alibaba developers: learn from nearby open source, and understand the code better after using


On December 20, 2015, yunqi community went online. On December 20, 2018, yunqi community was 3 years old.
Alibaba often says “roof building in sunny days”.
In our opinion, in the cold winter, the most worthy investment is learning, which is a thick knowledge reserve.
So the community specially made this album – to share 20 precious growth insights and 50 book lists with developers.
Many years later, looking back on 2018-19, what we left for ourselves is not only the cold, but also the rising technical ability and the sense of achievement after hard work.

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December 24,From the familiar open source system, we can understand the code better after using it. This is our third insight to developers.

Zhengyan, big V in HBase community. In his blog, you can clearly see the accumulation of experience.

Zhengyan: open source changes the world

Yang Wenlong (Zhengyan)
Technical expert of Alibaba storage technology business unit
Ali HBase core R & D director
Member of Apache HBase community committer & PMC
Rich experience in large-scale production in the design and practice of distributed storage system

Some people always want to learn the code of popular open source software, but it’s not as good as starting from the familiar open source system around them;
Because only after using it can we better understand the code,
Only when we look at the actual production problems can we understand why we design the architecture in this way.
In turn, only by understanding the system from the source level, can mining pits be avoided in the process of use.

Recommended book list

Deep understanding of computer systems
Headfirst design mode

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December 21,A sense of mission and an open mind are our second insights to developers.

I’m digoal, just do it

De Ge is called de Ge in the Jianghu. PG God has 6500 + fans in the community. Over the past three years, he has accumulated more than 2000 blogs in the community. Remember when the community was just founded, a developer left a message after the blog: “I always thought PG was a niche database, but I didn’t expect there were so many dry goods in the community.” Over the past three years, the status of PG has been rising, and the group of PG nails in yunqi community has more than 1000 developers talking and discussing together.

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Zhou Zhengzhong (de GE)
One of the initiators of PostgreSQL Chinese community, one of the initiators of PostgreSQL ivory tower, one of the co initiators of DBA + community, with more than 10 database related patents, is now working in the Alibaba cloud database kernel technology group.

The first is to have a sense of mission, and the second is to have an open mind. A sense of mission is that technology serves the business and creates social value together with the business. Only when you have a sense of mission can you keep going and not easily be defeated when you encounter difficulties. Opening up is based on a solid technical foundation, jumping out of pure technology and thinking from the ecology. We should work hard and look up. For example, the overlapping part of the industry ecology, the relationship between allies and competition, problems and ways to make up, etc. at the same time, we should also pay close attention to the national and international situation, analyze the reasons behind, and avoid sailing against the current in the future technology direction decision-making.

Recommended book list:

PostgreSQL practice

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December 20,Learning in the scenario is the first insight we give to developers.

Ali bixuan: the growth path of programmers

In this “the growth path of programmers”, Bi Xuan, the head of Ali infrastructure, combined with his own experience, tells you how he felt growing up in various roles. In his professional experience, he has experienced the growth of technical ability, structural ability, and now as a technical leader in cultivation. Among them, the growth of technical ability and architecture ability is very needed by all programmers, and it is worth savoring by all the technical students who are confused about their career development.

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Lin Hao (BI Xuan)
Ali infrastructure director
Founder of Alibaba HSF and T4, head of HBase
Leading the upgrading of Alibaba e-commerce distributed application architecture, remote multi Activity Architecture and resource elastic architecture

Programmers should look for and even create scenarios to learn the corresponding technical capabilities. Just like learning java communication framework, try to write one based on bio / NiO, and then compare Mina / netty to see why it is different; learn JAVA memory management, and try to write programs to control GC behavior. In addition to books, it is recommended to look at the source code and combine the scenes to really understand and learn. My career experience is the growth of technical ability, structural ability and the growth of the technical leader in the process of cultivation. All three routes can be developed. No one has the best or the worst. Interest and personal advantage are still the most important.

Published books:

OSGi principles and best practices
Distributed Java applications: foundation and Practice

Recommended book list:

The mystery of Silicon Valley
Smart era: big data and smart revolution redefine the future

It is expected to be updated to January 20. Welcome to collect.

Author: Yunzhuan

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