“Yunguang” international exhibition, CES 2021 wonderful products selection!


CES is a large-scale consumer electronics exhibition held in Las Vegas in January every year. This year, due to the special reasons of the epidemic, this large-scale exhibition, which has been held for more than 50 years, has been switched to online for the first time.

According to the American consumer Technology Association, about 4000 to 5000 enterprises will sign up for the exhibition, while this year’s CES has only more than 1900 enterprises, including 332 Chinese manufacturers.

CES 2021 has 42 innovative products and technologies on artificial intelligence, 5g, digital medicine, smart city, automobile, IOT and other topics. The 4-day exhibition will also hold more than 100 forums to provide online communication platforms for partners and visitors.

Today is the second day of this ces. Let Xiaobian take you to the “cloud Tour” international exhibition to see those “wonderful” creative products on CES!

“Van” with 248 solar cells

New energy vehicles are a hot spot in the automotive field in recent years. Sono motor exhibited a solar car at CES this year. The most intuitive difference from other new energy vehicles is that the shape of this car looks like a small van, which can be regarded as a “big” in electric vehicles.

248 solar cells are seamlessly integrated on the roof and hood of the car, which can generate up to 35 kilometers of additional mileage every day only by relying on solar energy.

The car’s liquid cooled battery has a capacity of 35 kWh and can drive 255 kilometers according to wltp standard on one charge. 80% can be charged in 30 minutes at the fast charging station.

It is worth mentioning that if the roof and hood of the car are damaged, the internal solar panels can also be replaced.

Sono plans to launch the car in Europe for $26000.

Solar term perfume can be adjusted according to mood.

How can perfume and AI combine? On this year’s CES, a company called Ninu has launched a perfume that can be controlled by AI. There is a recycling glass bottle in its cylindrical shell, which contains three odor elements. Users can adjust the odor according to their mood. For example, the aroma of date night may be more attractive and sweeter in summer. The smell of perfume is controlled by applications, and AI aides can also master user preferences over time.

Specific fragrances and flavors are still being developed. The company’s chief executive and founder, Marko matijevi, said they were working closely with Glass’s perfumers and finally decided to launch the two flavors of the men’s and women’s series respectively.

In addition, Marko matijevi also highlighted ninu’s sustainable development initiative to reduce packaging while using materials such as recycled glass.

At present, the smell and final design of this smart perfume are yet to be determined and may start production in the second half of 2021.

Smart lipstick can choose color at will

Perfume is smart, lipstick can not lag behind. Saint Laurent has displayed a Perso equipped with 3 liquid lipstick boxes on CES. With a built-in brush, you can mix the three colors together and choose the color according to your preferences.

Airpop’s smart mask can monitor local air quality

With the outbreak of the global epidemic, masks have become a necessary item for people to wear every day. Now, the mask is also on the road of intelligence. The halo sensor in the airpop smart mask can monitor the air quality at the current position and remind the user what pollutants have been filtered out and when to replace the filter. In active mode, it also tracks the user’s breathing every minute. These data can be queried through the app installed on the mobile phone. The smart mask is washable, and the built-in sensor can also replace the battery.

Cool game mask and game chair, the screen can be rolled up and folded to the back of the chair

Razer, a maker of game laptops, launched two concept devices at CES this year. The first is the hazel project, which is a transparent plastic mask with RGB lighting and voice amplifier.

The second is project Brooklyn, a large game chair with a screen that can be rolled up and folded to the back of the chair.

This concept product looks very cool. You don’t need a table to play games. You don’t even need a computer or any other game equipment. Just a chair.

Lenovo ink screen laptop

Last year’s CES released a notebook computer thinkbook plus with ink screen. An 11 inch black-and-white e-ink display is installed on the cover of the computer. This year, Lenovo launched thinkbook plus 2, which increased the size and resolution of the ink screen to 12 inches, with 2560×1600 pixels, the same resolution as the IPS display on the other side.

Thinkbook plus 2 will be available in the first quarter of 2021, starting at $1549.

Refrigerator capable of making ice hockey

LG showed a new side-by-side refrigerator at this year’s ces. Its main door is equipped with a glass panel. You can tap the glass to turn on the internal lights and see what’s in the refrigerator.

But this is not the real innovation of this refrigerator. The most special thing is that it has a mechanism that can produce spherical “craft ice”. The ice maker in the refrigerator can make the most common square ice cubes and ice hockey.

High tech chessboard, the pieces can move by themselves

The automatic chessboard of square off has built-in AI system, and the chess pieces in the chessboard will move on the chessboard by themselves through the mechanized magnetic system on the board. It can also connect to services such as chess.com and play chess with users all over the world.

This board will be launched in June this year. In addition to chess, it also supports various other board games such as checkers.

Samsung “one arm” robot

Samsung showed a household robot on CES this year. Different from ordinary household robots, this robot has only one mechanical claw. A camera is installed on its head and telescopic arm, which can observe the size, shape and weight of surrounding objects and identify their material composition.

By judging the weight and material of objects, the robot can use appropriate grasping force when picking up and moving objects, so that the dishes will not be broken when putting the dishes into the dishwasher, or the quilt will not be broken when pouring drinks.

However, when this “one arm” robot will be put into production has not been determined.

At CES every year, major manufacturers will show their skills and come up with the most creative scientific and technological products. With the annual growth of hundreds of millions of dollars in artificial intelligence, 5g and the Internet of things, more and more products begin to become intelligent. On the second day of the exhibition, we focused on these “wonderful” innovative products.

CES 2021 is not over yet. In the future, we will continue to bring more wonderful reports on the exhibition site.