Youdao cloud notes export to note


1. Batch export of Youdao cloud notes
Web login Youdao cloud notes( )…
Youdao cloud notes export to note

If there are many articles and it is troublesome to export them one by one, you can use js script:

Automatically select article → right click → export as word → scroll the list

Script usage:

The Chrome browser opens
F12 open the development console and switch to the console panel
Youdao cloud notes export to note
Copy auto export script, paste, enter; Wait for automatic execution
Automatically export scripts
var exported = {}
function warn(obj) {console.warn(obj)}
function error(obj) {console.error(obj)}
function send_contextmenu(obj) {

var rect = obj.getClientRects()[0]
var evObj = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');

function scrol(obj, y){

var evt = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');
evt.initEvent('wheel', true, true);
evt.deltaY = +y;
var element = obj;

var pages = $(‘.file-item .title’);
function download_page(index) {

if (index >= pages.length) {
    newpages = $('.file-item .title');
    if (newpages.length > pages.length) {
        pages = newpages
        Error ('export next page, total: '+ index)
    } else {
        Error ('end of export, total number: '+ index')
var obj = pages[index]
var top = obj.getClientRects()[0].top
if (top>500) {
    scrol($('.abstract-mode')[0], 300)
var that = $(obj)
var title = $.trim(that.text());
if (exported[title]) return;
console. Warn (index + 'Export:' + title)
    var action = $.trim($($('.menu-li .menu-label')[6]).text())
    If (action = = 'export as word') $('. Menu Li. Menu label') [6] click()
    Else error (Action + 'not supported')

function start() {

Warn ('Start export, total number: '+ pages. Length)

2. Import word into note
Create a page in the note, select → import → word in the top right corner, and select all files in the option:
Youdao cloud notes export to note

After importing, there will be one page after another. You can right-click move to the node you want to summarize