Youai Zhihe completed the financing of B series exceeding RMB 300 million and accelerated the large-scale landing of mobile robots


Youai Zhihe completed the financing of B series exceeding RMB 300 million and accelerated the large-scale landing of mobile robots
On December 28, youaizhihe, an industrial mobile robot head enterprise, announced that it had recently completed Series B financing, with a cumulative amount of more than 300 million yuan. The two rounds were led by Fangguang capital and Xicheng Jinrui, followed by new and old shareholders such as IDG, Songhe, SIG, LanChi, Softbank and hax. Taihe capital served as the exclusive financial adviser. Early investment institutions include Zhenge, common, yingnuo, China Merchants bole and Xijiao 1896.

As a leading mobile robot and solution provider in China, based on industrial logistics and intelligent patrol operation and maintenance, youaizhihe has been deeply engaged in the production and operation scenarios in the precision electronic manufacturing and energy industry, and has always maintained the first advantage in the market in the fields of semiconductors, power plants and so on. So far, youaizhihe has become a partner of many well-known brands at home and abroad, such as Lixun precision, ASM, CRRC, fast, China Huaneng, AVIC, COMAC and Hitachi. Its domestic market covers 26 provinces and cities, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain and Germany.

At the beginning of its establishment, Youai Zhihe took the scene landing and service as the first goal, and was far ahead of the industry in customer scene cognition and process understanding. Based on the strong technical support of AMR positioning and navigation algorithm in terms of high precision and high stability, youaizhihe is one of the few mobile robot manufacturers in the international field with positioning accuracy of ± 2mm. At the same time, as the earliest mobile robot enterprise in China to layout software systems, the software and hardware integration solution created by Youai Zhihe not only meets the needs of enterprise flexible production in the era of personalized consumption, but also realizes digital production and information management, so as to achieve the goal of intelligent upgrading and transformation.
Youai Zhihe completed the financing of B series exceeding RMB 300 million and accelerated the large-scale landing of mobile robots
Taking the industrial logistics scenario as an example, the application of AMR and youI TMS systems independently developed by youaizhihe can open up the material flow and data flow of the whole field, realize the complete business process closed loop of “raw material warehouse – line side warehouse – production line – finished product warehouse”, and help the enterprise truly realize stable, continuous and efficient production.

Continuous scene deep cultivation has enabled youaizhihe to quickly have the logistics planning ability of the whole plant, large-scale cluster deployment ability and multi machine cooperation ability, and realized the large-scale landing of products. At present, the integrated software and hardware solutions of Youai Zhihe have been widely used in semiconductor, 3C, electric power, IDC and other fields. In the 36000 ㎡ frame factory of a precision electronic manufacturing head enterprise, youaizhihe applied 150 mobile robots and youI TMS system to build an unmanned workshop, completed the automatic upgrading of production and logistics of mobile phone middle frame, and realized the double improvement of production efficiency and benefit.
Youai Zhihe completed the financing of B series exceeding RMB 300 million and accelerated the large-scale landing of mobile robots
Youaizhihe quickly led the large-scale implementation of the industry, thanks to the lean management of the supply chain system and project implementation. In order to better serve customers, youaizhihe has set up offices in many places through the principle of “nearby service”, so as to have rapid response ability, realize the standardization of sales, supply chain and production processes through multiple measures, and set up a special engineering service department to ensure the overall progress and implementation of the project. In addition, the company’s quality team strictly controls the production, incoming materials and finished products to ensure the high quality and stability of mobile robot products.

At present, industrial mobile robots are ushering in a period of demand explosion. Focusing on its core advantages in scenes, algorithms, software and hardware products and large-scale landing, youaizhihe will deeply cultivate the fields of precision electronic manufacturing and energy, expand the mature scene experience to new scenes, and accelerate the pace of overseas market expansion.

Qian Yu, founding partner of Fangguang capital, the leading investor of B + round, said that Fangguang capital has been deeply engaged in the IT industry chain for a long time and adheres to the opportunity of investing in IT technology to empower all walks of life. Robot is the master of IT technology and the track of Fangguang’s key layout and investment. At present, the demand of Pan industrial scene for autonomous, intelligent and mobile robots is clear and is releasing rapidly, which is expected to become an important landing scene for robots. Relying on the profound technical accumulation and inheritance of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Youai Zhihe team has focused on the field of Pan industrial autonomous mobile robots for many years, with outstanding landing and delivery ability, and has grown into a domestic leading enterprise in this field. Fangguang capital is very optimistic about the long-term development of Youai Zhihe and is willing to fully accompany and assist the future growth of the enterprise.

Huang Rui, the project leader of Xicheng Jinrui, the leading investor of B + +, said that youaizhi cooperation is recognized as one of the leading enterprises in AMR industry. It has the commercial ability and implementation scheme of software and hardware integration. It has a young team with strong scientific research ability and implementation business ability, which has been recognized by the leading customers. With the continuous improvement of delivery ability, the continuous enrichment of product lines and the rapid expansion of markets at home and abroad, It is expected to grow into a global comprehensive supplier of large robots in the future. We are firmly optimistic about Youai Zhihe.