You don’t know the usage of Python


I didn’t understand the usual class, but I still want to learn this course. As a result, the class is about to end. The teacher asked us to write a paper and find data for time series analysis.
I did it with R, and found that the figure was a little ugly, so I wanted to do it again with Python.

Online a pile of tutorials, write how not to say, anyway, can’t contact people, can contact, can reproduce is not so important ah, so you want to find me can private letter, private letter walk around about a day, more urgent words can directly QQ group to find me: 609616831

Now this picture is a bit hasty, but this is my best effort before the thesis defense date, and it will be updated in the future.



If you find a better picture than mine, please give me your advice!!!

Implementation code

import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

list_ A = range (1,2) # the next row needs a list of parameters, here take the second column
data = pd.read_ csv('fw2.csv',usecols=list_ a) Read the second column of data from the CSV file

PLT. Rcparams ['font. Sans serif '] = ['simhei'] # used to display Chinese tags normally
PLT. Title ("'csdn, future 'October visits") #

#Abscissa and ordinate

#Data, marked as O, color red



Finally, I will send you a python information you must master in 2020609616831