You ask me: is it necessary to do micro service transformation for existing applications?


BoCloud Bo Yun WeChat official account [you ask me answer] small column, will collect and organize the problems and problems encountered by IT in the construction of enterprises, and make targeted answers by the Bo Yun products and technology team. Every Friday, you can issue the columns for your IT, and hope to provide ideas and methods for the construction of enterprise’s enterprises. No matter which industry it builder you are, if you have any problems in the construction of container cloud platform, microservice architecture transformation, Devops platform construction, multi cloud management platform construction and other technical aspects, you are welcome to comment and ask questions directly.

Here is a selection of this week’s questions:

Netizen 1: the existing application is not the micro service architecture, is it necessary to make a transformation?

Boyun product teamIn fact, whether we use the microservice architecture or the original monomer architecture depends on the requirements, so the question is what kind of requirements we have at present. Those who need microservice architecture generally face the following requirements:

  1. The update iteration is too fast, and the deployment is cumbersome. It takes a long time every time, which often affects the business.
  2. The company has dozens of applications, many repetitive modules, and can not be managed in a unified way. In the future, there are still expansion needs. It’s better to switch to the microservice architecture as soon as possible. In addition, we need a set of service governance platform.
  3. In the application, a module is used frequently, the concurrency rate is very high, and there may be peak periods, so it often needs to expand and shrink the capacity of resources. The cluster deployment of single application can barely meet the requirements, but the operation and maintenance cost doubled, and the availability decreased.

    Netizen 2: what is the relationship between micro service and container?

Boyun product team: people who have just come into contact with containers can compare containers with virtual machines, so it is OK for microservices to be deployed in containers, virtual machines or physical servers.

But the container has its unique advantages, such as fast start and stop, independent process and so on, which can make up for many shortcomings of micro service operation and maintenance, so the two can be said to be a golden partner.

However, both of them are independent things, but the combination of the two ideas will be more perfect.

Netizen 3: how to consider the business continuity of microservice framework deployment?

In recent years, the financial industry, especially the banking industry, has increasingly strict supervision and higher requirements for business continuity. There is an urgent need for the banking system to move from the traditional architecture to micro service. At present, when the system is actually deployed, it is generally necessary to consider the system’s dual activities in the same city or multiple activities in the same city or in different places to ensure business continuity.

So in the process of migrating to the microservice architecture, how to consider the demand for dual and multiple activities in the microservice architecture? Do you have any suggestions on how to achieve fast and uninterrupted handover under abnormal conditions and data consistency between different centers?

Boyun product team: this problem is relatively complex, we need to consider the IDC construction scheme, network scheme, data storage scheme, etc. This is not only the problem that microservices can solve, but also the problem of business unit splitting and development.

Netizen 4: in some business scenarios, it is not easy to fuse. Is there a good scheme to implement the fuse mechanism in these scenarios?

For example: when an insurance customer places an order, the front-end issuing system needs to query some index information of the customer to be used as the basis for calculating the premium and quoting. Is there a good scheme to realize the circuit breaker mechanism in this similar scenario?

Boyun product team:It can be realized directly in the network layer, and information matching can be done according to the returned results of the existing system. If the requirements are not met, the fuse operation can be triggered directly. Refer to the implementation of service grid.

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