Yiguan releases new Yiguan ark intelligent user operation product suite and Argo growth model


On December 26, 2019, Analysys, the leading data technology service provider in China, officially released the new Analysys ark intelligent user operation product suite and Argo growth model.

In retail e-commerce, online education, financial services, traditional enterprise Internet + transformation and other fields, the long preparation period of user operation activities, slow iteration of operation strategies, strong dependence on technical departments, etc., are common problems encountered by user operators. How to solve these user operation challenges and achieve business growth in a one-stop way? Yiguan ark intelligent user operation product suite, starting from the core demands of business, combines the industry-leading intelligent technology application and open underlying technology architecture to help enterprises improve user operation efficiency, reduce user operation costs, and promote the continuous growth of customer business with the goal of customer acquisition transformation, live customer stickiness and customer value creation.

Designed specifically to solve the specific business challenges of user operation, Yiguan ark puts forward “Argo growth model of intelligent user operation” based on years of user operation research and practice, which helps enterprises design user operation objectives and strategies, from acquisition customer acquisition transformation, retention customer adhesion to growth to create value, build an open user operation platform, and stand in the user’s view The angle focuses on the personalized needs of the corresponding stage of the user’s journey, implements the correct operation strategy and touch action at the right time, and pursues the maximization of the user’s operation efficiency and revenue.

Yiguan releases new Yiguan ark intelligent user operation product suite and Argo growth model
(the above figure shows Argo growth model of intelligent user operation strategy)

“Yiguan ark intelligent user operation Taking users as the center, by quantifying the key behaviors of the key scenes in the user journey, users are divided into life cycle stages and population segments. According to different stages and segments of the user life cycle, operational objectives are formulated, and differentiated services and operational objectives are provided for different user groups through tools and hands. “

Business oriented: user centered, in-depth operation scenarios

Business oriented scenario application, from the initial use of products by users to the establishment of long-term relationship with enterprises, each contact is a scenario. Intelligent user operation starts from identifying the key behaviors of user journey. We can design business operation objectives from the perspectives of users and enterprises, so as to continuously meet the needs and experience of users.

The user perspective includes the whole process of building users from new, active, lost, recalled to reactivated, while the enterprise perspective corresponds to the business growth demand, which is divided into three stages: customer acquisition transformation, live customer stickiness, and value creation. In each specific stage, the work loop of intelligent user operation is formed through three steps of “user measurement – user segmentation – user touch”.

  • Acquisition – channel optimization to obtain target users efficiently

User acquisition is the beginning of all operations. In the stage of customer acquisition transformation, the first task is to find high-quality customer acquisition channels with high cost performance. Through the “channel analysis” function of Yiguan ark, you can set the data indicators of channel evaluation by yourself according to business needs, and timely data feedback forms a visual report in Yiguan ark. Operators can view the traffic proportion and conversion rate of different channels very intuitively. For channels with large flow and high conversion rate, increase the scale of delivery; for channels with low number of visitors and low conversion, selectively optimize.

  • Retention – guide user value discovery and improve user retention

For a single user, the cost of retention is far less than the cost of acquisition. To continuously guide users to discover and experience product value is an important operational means to improve user retention. Through the “retention analysis” function of Yiguan ark, we can find the key time for users to distinguish from other users, that is, the “aha moment” we often hear. Operators have insight into key events through “intelligent path” and other models, and develop “surprise trip of product value discovery” for users according to different product guidance experiences, so as to stimulate the user experience excitement point, so as to improve the retention rate.

  • Growth – enhance return visit and re purchase / additional purchase to stimulate user value extension

To maximize the value of users, the premise is to determine the value of different types of users. For example, in the coupon marketing of e-commerce operation, through the “user grouping” function of Analysys ark, we can stratify users and formulate different operation strategies for haomaodang and loyal Tiefen. In the specific operation and implementation, the corresponding coupons are designed according to the user’s past category purchase preference and consumption level, so as to improve the user’s re purchase or additional purchase. You can also combine powerful workflow and intelligent touch to set touch conditions freely, such as a certain period of time, a fixed scene or a specific behavior, and then select the channel touch that has the best touch effect. The whole process is automated without human intervention.

Intellectualization: emancipating human resources and automating workflow

In the case of serious product homogeneity, the competition is refined operation, while operation efficiency and operation quality are the core competitiveness. Product release speed is faster and faster, and the number of users is growing exponentially. How to achieve business growth and reduce manual repetitive operations by means of technical means and process optimization on the premise of improving efficiency and quality? The market has long coveted intelligent user operation mode. The Yiguan ark intelligent user operation product suite, which includes intelligent analysis, intelligent portrait and intelligent operation, liberates the operators from the tedious and repetitive user operation.

  • Dynamic clustering: make user clustering more accurate and efficient

Users are not immutable. In the face of millions of users, the timeliness of regular user grouping operation cannot keep up with the data changes of user groups, which will consume a lot of time and energy of user operators. Dynamic clustering can automatically increase or decrease the user data within the group by setting different filtering conditions, without manual re operation, thus greatly reducing the workload of user operators.

  • User operation automation: improve operation efficiency and push accurate content

How long can we wait for the online scheduling, R & D resources, user data and user operation? The “workflow” provided by Analysys ark can set up a multi operation strategy combination without the help of cross department resources such as data or technology, push it down through efficient and diverse touch channels, monitor the user triggering in real time, fully explore the potential value of its own traffic, greatly improve the conversion efficiency of users, and promote the continuous activity of users.

  • Intelligent routing: trigger channel and “combo”

Low push touch rate has always been a headache for operators. How to operate without touch? The “smart touch” function of Yiguan ark centralizes 9 touch modes. In combination with the user model, the push channel is intelligently matched to ensure a high arrival rate, and the repeated content is automatically de duplicated to avoid repeated interference to the user. If push can’t be delivered all the time, it will automatically resend SMS to ensure that push can be sent to the user accurately and provide guarantee for subsequent user operation.

Open technology: open ecology based on user operation platform

The success of the Internet stems from an open technological mindset. As a participant and practitioner of data technology capability, opentech is highlighted in the Argo model of Yiguan ark, actively embracing technology openness, helping enterprises build a more complete and solid data platform, enabling intelligent user operation.

  • Open PAAS

Yiguan ark provides a variety of connection ways, giving enterprises flexible and efficient data collection, analysis and rapid secondary development capabilities, reducing the R & D resources and time costs of user data acquisition, storage and analysis.

  • Open technology

Easy view ark adopts an open iota architecture design, with different modules separated from each other, supporting the hot plug upgrade of core storage and computing engine modules. The introduction and application of new big data computing engine can maintain the high performance and compatibility of the product, and at the same time, it can achieve zero user interference and better user experience in the process of system upgrading.

  • Open community

In the process of continuous exploration of data technology, Yiguan ark also actively participated in the construction of the world’s leading Apache open source community, and became an active contributor to many Apache projects. Yiguan open source distributed task scheduling engine dolphin scheduler (dolphin scheduling) is being used by dozens of companies. While sharing the achievements of technology exploration, Yiguan will continue to learn from community experience and technology achievements, so that users can experience the best architecture and products in the world.

In the sharing of Yiguan CPO Zhu Jiang, it was pointed out that there are too many enterprises without a sense of security in 2019, and the pressure comes from the external market environment and the weak operation of their own digital user resources. All operations are based on user operations. In the face of dynamic, changing user groups and growing user needs, only relying on data-driven intelligent user operations can help enterprises grow better.

Smart user operation, with easy view ark.

Yiguan releases new Yiguan ark intelligent user operation product suite and Argo growth model

[Yiguan ark] Yiguan ark intelligent user operation product suite integrates the capabilities needed by Yiguan ark intelligent analysis, intelligent portrait, intelligent operation and other user operation, integrates user behavior analysis, user operation strategy formulation, user grouping, multi-channel access, workflow process automation and other functions, and helps digital enterprises drive user operation and product iteration with data To effectively improve the core indicators of user operation.
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