Years are more funny than joy — bears change their faces


If a woman wants to open, you will understand that in this world, you are you, you hurt, hurt yourself, you are tired, tired yourself, even if someone sympathizes with you, so what? Finally, it’s up to you to clean up the mess. Remember, some people can look forward to it, but don’t rely on it. Never overestimate your position in the eyes of others. If you are the icing on the cake, you are still elegant without you.

“Hey, Xiao Qi, you don’t want you. You see, it’s been three days. Mi Ma hasn’t come to see you?” nagging annoyed me more proudly than Xiong.

“No!” black Teddy went to work again.

“Hum, it’s impossible. Ma Ma has to work to earn money to buy me sausages, toys and clothes.” I try to convince them with the reasons I think of, and I’m also persuading myself.

Ma Ma didn’t come to see me. Maybe he didn’t come because he worked too late and had a rest in the hospital. Maybe it rained these days, the weather was too bad, and Ma Ma’s laziness fell again; It is also possible that Ma Ma and 13 had too much fun and forgot me who was in hospital. What should I do? How do you feel the pain in your eyes? There is a cold liquid sliding out.

“Ha ha, crying bag, afraid to cut the sickle, the moon bends, cut your ears, you stingy bag!” the chattering bear sang a little song triumphantly.

“You see, if you can’t win, you’ll cry. You’re ashamed and shameless.” the nagging bear continued to laugh.


“Ma Ma, I’m not jealous anymore. Wuwuwu… Ma Ma… I’m wrong… Ma Ma… I’m not going out alone anymore… Ma Ma… I’m not sick anymore. Wuwuwu… Wuwuwu… Wuwu.”

“Hey, little girl, don’t cry? I’m teasing you.” Lao bixiong seemed to realize that he was in trouble and coaxed anxiously.

“Funny.” black Teddy.

”Little teddy, don’t make trouble. Don’t you see that little dot is sad? “

”Add chaos“

“You angry Teddy, no wonder your master left you here?”


“Yes, I don’t want you. It’s just that you and Xiaobu become a pair of brothers.” bixiong roared fiercely.

“Woo woo… Woo woo… Black Teddy.

“Ma Ma ··················································” I.

The hospital soon rang out a duet between Teddy and me crying, as well as abusive and seductive words that changed faces faster than bears and turned books. For a while, they cursed us fiercely; For a while, we were seduced by whispers; Then he yelled angrily. When I finished crying, he was still chattering. In fact, I couldn’t help crying. I was attracted by the wonderful face change of talking than bear and stopped crying. He smiled, cried and angry for a while. Although his face was blocked by long hair, I seemed to see the transformation of his face, red, cyan and green for a while, That’s fun.

Years are more funny than joy --- bears change their faces

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