Yao Jizhi is the editor in chief. The regular army’s high school AI textbook is coming


On January 7, 2020, the signing ceremony for the publication of artificial intelligence (high school edition) was held in Tsinghua. Yao Jizhi was the editor in chief of the book. He led a number of senior professors from the industry from Yaoban and Zhiban to jointly complete the compilation of the book.

Yao Jizhi is the editor in chief. The regular army's high school AI textbook is coming

  • Yao Jizhi attends the signing ceremony of publishing

With the labels of Tsinghua University and Yao Jizhi, the emergence of this book will undoubtedly bring the heaviest stroke to the field of high school textbooks.

Collect the contents that are repeatedly researched by all

According to the information released today, the book of artificial intelligence (high school edition) has 9 chapters, which is compiled from the most basic knowledge, from shallow to deep, and finally led to some of the current mainstream fields.

These chapters are: Mathematics and programming basis, search, machine learning, linear regression, decision tree and random forest, neural network, computer vision, natural language processing, reinforcement learning.

Yao Jizhi is the editor in chief. The regular army's high school AI textbook is coming

  • The design cover of the book

At the same time, the design of teaching materials also pays attention to hands-on practice. Each chapter is equipped with exercises and programming experiments, so that students can experience the practical application involved in the course in the learning process.

For the specific content form, Yao Jizhi said that the book will start with the development history of artificial intelligence and introduce the basic background of artificial intelligence. In addition to the practice of exercises and programming, it is also equipped with exclusive learning website resources, in order to reasonably quantify the teaching content and provide help for students’ further learning.

Yao Jizhi also said that the book “artificial intelligence (high school edition)” was written by the editorial board from the perspective of experts in the field and many years of undergraduate education and teaching experience. Among them, the chapters and knowledge points, the editorial team have gone through more than ten times of discussion, through systematic design, and strive to understand the principle and master the specific form in learning.

Authoritative teaching materials are finally published to fight against ghosts and cows

Since 2018, relevant textbooks have emerged, and the release of these textbooks is also promoting the development of basic education of artificial intelligence in primary and secondary schools.

But on the other hand, whether the teaching materials with different contents can bring positive promotion has also aroused many parents’ doubts.

Yao Jizhi is the editor in chief. The regular army's high school AI textbook is coming

  • There will be a large number of commodities in search of teaching materials

Because of this, the release of formal and scientific textbooks will play a crucial role in the improvement of AI education in senior high school, and this “artificial intelligence (Senior High School Edition)” seems to be born for this.

All star editorial board member: Yao Jizhi leads many celebrities

Although the book hasn’t been officially published, its publishing and signing ceremony has received close attention from all walks of life. One of the reasons why it is so popular is that its editorial teams are all famous celebrities in the industry.

Yao Jizhi, editor in chief, is a world-famous computer scientist. He won the Turing prize in 2000. In addition, he has several academician identities: academician of the American Academy of Sciences, academician of the American Academy of science and art, and foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is now a professor in the center of higher research, Tsinghua University.

Yao Jizhi is the editor in chief. The regular army's high school AI textbook is coming

  • Editorial team appears at publishing signing ceremony

In addition to the super editor, the rest of the editorial board members are all professors from the cross Information Research Institute of Tsinghua University. Among them, the excellent teaching teams of “Yao class” and “intelligent class” are assembled. The deputy editor is Huang Longbo, the head teacher of the intelligent class, and the editorial board is composed of famous professors such as Gao Yang, Li Jian and Ma Xiongfeng.

The members of the editorial team have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding and grasp of the basis and frontier of AI discipline, and they have also been engaged in the research and teaching fields of AI for a long time. Just because of such a luxurious editorial team, the compiled textbooks will certainly have full guarantee.

AI, it really starts from the doll

With the rapid development of AI field, relevant personnel education and training has become an extremely important part of the current. All these are carried out in an orderly manner under the promotion of relevant policies.

Yao Jizhi is the editor in chief. The regular army's high school AI textbook is coming

  • Time axis of AI entering the classroom

The fire of stars came from July 2017, when the State Council issued the new generation of artificial intelligence development plan, which mentioned the establishment of artificial intelligence related courses in primary and secondary schools. In the following two years, several documents proposed the policy of AI education in primary and secondary schools.

At the beginning of 2018, the Ministry of Education released the curriculum plan of general high school and curriculum standards of Chinese and other disciplines (2017 Edition), and the relevant fields such as artificial intelligence and big data processing officially entered the new curriculum standard of information technology curriculum standard of general high school.

Starting from the autumn semester in September 2019, some provinces and cities have implemented the comprehensive reform pilot of college entrance examination, taking the lead in implementing new courses and using new textbooks, so AI has officially entered the high school classroom.

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