Xshell free installation configuration tutorial and use tutorial (super detailed)


I. role of xshell

Xshell can access servers under different remote systems in the windows interface, so as to better achieve the purpose of remote control terminal. It supports rlogin, SFTP, serial, Telnet, SSH2 and ssh1. It is very convenient to remotely manage Linux hosts.

2、 Download xshell

Download address of xshell free official website:https://www.xshell.com/zh/free-for-home-school/

If the official website cannot be opened, you can download it from the online disk

Extraction code: r0ds

1. visit the xshell official website, fill in your name and email address to get the download address

2. copy link to download

III. installing xshell

1. double click the xshell installation file and click “next”

2. click “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and “next”

​3. Click “Browse” to change the default installation path

The software is installed on Disk C by default, but the software should not be installed on disk C. here I installed it on disk D

​4. Click “Install” directly

​5. After installation, click “finish”

6. personal license, click “close”

IV. use xshell to connect to Linux server

1. xshell initialization interface

​2. Click “new” to create a new session

​3. Fill in session information
  1. Fill in a name for easy identification
  2. Fill in the public IP address of the server
  3. Click user authentication
​4. Fill in the user name and password of the server, and then click “OK”

​5. Select the session and click “connect”

​6. At this time, you have successfully connected to the server and can perform normal command operations

​7. The above figure shows a warning “the remote ssh server rejected X11 forwarding request.” The remote ssh server rejected the X11 forwarding request

At this time, the command operation can be carried out normally. If you feel uncomfortable and want to remove it, please refer to my article for specific solutions【Resolve the “warningthe remote ssh server rejected X11 forwarding request.” warning

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