Xmanager power suit installation and registration


First of all, I declare that this article does not advocate cracking software, and children’s shoes that are allowed by economic conditions are encouraged to support genuine ones.

What is?Xmanager Power Suit

  1. IntegratedUNIX / LinuxandWindowsIntegrated solutions;
  2. Xmanager Power SuiteIs a multi-functional solution, includingXmanagerXshellXftpandXlpd
    • XmanagerfunctionXWindow application program;
    • XshellRemote management with secure terminalUnix / LinuxThe server;
    • XftpTransfer files between systems safely;
    • XlpdRun local printing of remote documents on other systems;
  3. Centralize distributed system resources and reduce TCO:
    • Due to multiple x applications and file systems, companies using various operating systems may find their system resources scattered on the network. Xmanager power Suite 6 solves this problem by allowing users to access all distributed resources directly from the desktop. With a central location that allows users to access applications remotely, upgrades and maintenance become easier to manage and lower TCO.
  4. Interoperability for maximum productivity:
    • All the programs in the suite share a common SSH (security shell) security module, so that they can operate with each other conveniently and efficiently. By integrating all the features into one suite, customers can experience easier time by purchasing, installing, maintaining, and reducing total cost of ownership.

Download registration steps:

  1. Download link:Download link to xmanager power suit, selectXmanager Power SuitDownload;

  2. Select “30 day evaluation” as the license type, fill in the name and email and agree to the email notification, and click start trial;

  3. You will receive a message fromNetSarang, Inc. <[email protected]>An email from;

  4. The general content is download link and 30 day evaluation period limit;

  5. Visit the link provided by the email:

    • In the form of:https://www.netsarang.com/zh/downloading/?token=SXBxUDBjMHZpdjU3a0t0YW4yWmM5QUBHcC1XLXdoQ25sWjU5QkQ1MzBlZHdR
  6. Download address:

    • In the form of:https://cdn.netsarang.net/6cbec925/XmanagerPowerSuite-6.0.0018.exe
  7. In the download address obtained in step 6.exeAdd letters beforerAt this time, the link is the download link of annotation (broken) volume (solution) version:

    • In the form of:https://cdn.netsarang.net/6cbec925/XmanagerPowerSuite-6.0.0018r.exe
  8. Clear registry information:

    • REG DELETE HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetSarang /f
  9. Add the following mapping relationship to theHostsDocuments;    transact.netsarang.com    update.netsarang.com    www.netsarang.com    www.netsarang.co.kr    sales.netsarang.com
  10. Use the followingPythonScript file generation serial number:GithublinkThe generated serial number is as follows:171215-116004-999726

    • Installation requiredPythonI won’t go into details here.
  11. Use this serial number to install the registered versionXmanager Power Suit

  12. The installation process is omitted. You can comment on the children’s shoes you need. I will add them as soon as I see them.

Part in doubt:

  1. Maybe xshell and other products can also be registered in this way;
  2. Some of these operations may be unnecessary;

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If you encounter any problems during the installation process, please comment below and answer them in time;
If there are optimization or irrelevant steps, let me test them on the virtual machine later~

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