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Using jeecg boot:

Jeect boot, with the latest mainstream development technology, is a powerful rapid development platform.

When I first found jeecg boot, I was fascinated by its exquisite and beautiful pages. It is found that the download project also has the desired button permission function. At the same time, jeecg boot inherits the previous style and has a powerful code generator, which is the gospel of the majority of coders. It has powerful functions and is extremely simple to use. At the same time, it has supporting technical documents and videos, everything from environment construction to deployment, as well as QQ technology groups and cases. In a word, the project is very convenient to be familiar with. If you have any problems, you can quickly find solutions.

It is worth mentioning that jeecg boot is very suitable for background management system. Some users, roles, menus, station information and other basic modules of background management system are available. In addition to code generator, jeecg boot project has a large number of packages for most programmers. For example, query filter greatly facilitates program development and saves a lot of time and energy. Jeecg boot is a function of separating the front and back development and providing online documents at the same time, which reduces the development communication time. For companies, if they want to catch up with the progress, they can recruit front-end personnel if the front-end cannot keep up with the progress, and they can find back-end developers if the back-end cannot keep up with the progress.

Let’s talk about some problems, suggestions and experiences in using the project:

1. There are too many data in the table. When there are more than 15 vertical columns and 20 horizontal columns of data, click the multi selection box in front of the table to select single or all.

2. When using the scopedslots attribute and the date component for two-way binding when using tables, you can’t switch the month and year, you can only manually enter them, and then set the default value on this basis, the data will be one day wrong. No problems were found in general use and use in forms. I hope this can give a solution (Note: I can only bind in two directions in the actual development process, and can’t rely on events to get values).

3. It is suggested that jeecg boot team can encapsulate some code to realize cell merging. The same vertical column data can be merged automatically. There are some statistics. Merging cells looks better.

4. In the process of using, I need to make the mobile page alone, so I go to the technical exchange group to ask if there is any support in this regard. The answer is support, but I need to judge on the page. You can imagine that if you write like this, it’s very tedious to judge every page, and the page is not easy to pull out alone. So, he gave up such operation. It is changed to judge the current device type when loading the menu. If it is a mobile phone, go to the background to request the menu of the mobile phone version. If it is a PC, go to request the menu of the PC version. The first is to add an identifier to the menu table, which menu it belongs to. When adding a menu, you can select it on demand. As usual, when you log in with the mobile access system, you will only load the mobile menu, and the PC access system will only load the PC menu.

5. It is suggested to give some cases of mobile pages (such as business formation in vant), because some companies need to develop mobile versions for customers to use.

6. It is recommended that the code generator be able to generate mobile version style pages.

7. It is suggested that the URL bar should only display the domain name and not other addresses