Xiaobai’s growth road 01


After graduation, he entered the bank outsourcing company.
Week 1: the database used by the company is orcale. At the beginning, it is mainly to understand the grammar. You don’t need to be proficient in it all. You can basically understand it and complete the basic functions. The project manager has assigned a script writing task. Because it needs to be put into production, the pressure is still great. At least some basic data must not be wrong; The script went back and forth several times from inserting data to writing rollback scripts, and finally completed the task before deployment; Secondly, is too laggy to install the development tools. It is really easy to burst the mentality, and it starts with STS, but because STS is too stuck, it finally stumbled over to IDEA, and declared that STS card is not because of the computer, and many colleagues exchange process found itself is the problem of this software, so now has been developing with IDEA, just beginning. The main thing is to get familiar with the company’s code. The code is uneven, because many people write and the framework comes and goes, which leads to many problems in the process of reading. However, generally speaking, it is basically the MVC programming style, so the framework is similar and not very difficult to understand, but it needs to achieve a certain degree of proficiency, It still takes some time to run in. In addition, the writing of test classes must be indispensable. First of all, I was a little confused when I just entered the company. I actually forgot the basic things like test classes. Because the company’s system is still relatively large, I can’t run the whole process every time, because I write a little and test a little every time. In this case, the accuracy of your code should be higher. Because I’m just getting started, I’ll write my experience in the following articles in weeks, which can be regarded as a replay of my work. Of course, I don’t specifically write the pits I’ve stepped on. Some things are relatively simple when I’m done, but when I don’t know at first, I know that this is a slow process. When it comes to scripts and SQL scripts, it’s the incoming process, The so-called incoming process is to run the data you insert into the system to see if there are any problems. The initial process is really complex for a newcomer. Up to today, I can only simply import parts, but the operation of the process still needs to be familiar. Well, write this this this week and see you next week.