Xiaobai self taught python (2) construction of Python development environment


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Windows install Python Linux installing Python Windows Python HelloWorld

Linux Python HelloWorld Pychar Download

Interactive running of windows Python Linux Python interactive running

Python idle using

Build Python development environment


We are learning a programming language. It is very important to have a clear learning route at the beginning. Only when we know what we need to learn, can we better stimulate our passion for learning. Learning is like making copies while playing a game, and the learning route is just like the mainline task. In the mainline task, you can know what equipment the replica has, and know the attribute bonus of these equipment, so that you can improve your level step by step.

After learning n + knowledge points, we will feel a little confused. What is the use of these things? Then take a look at the learning route and string these knowledge points together, and you will have unexpected results!

This topic is aboutPython learning routeThe second module in:Build Python development environment


bookBuild Python development environmentIt is divided into the following sections:

1️⃣ Windows install Python

2️⃣ Linux installing Python

3️⃣ Windows Python HelloWorld

4️⃣ Linux Python HelloWorld

5️⃣ Pychar Download

6️⃣ Interactive running of windows Python

7️⃣ Linux Python interactive running

8️⃣ Python idle using


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