Xiangma: looking for spiritual green forest all one’s life, reducing blockchain may be the right direction


Xiangma: looking for spiritual green forest all one's life, reducing blockchain may be the right direction
Xiangma said that the day after he left the temple, he never saw it again. Xiangma also said that when Beipiao was making netbox, he always wanted to use it to rewrite Xici.

There are heroes in the world, and horses in Jinling.


Xici Hutong, just want to make the Internet fun

Science and technology makers: more than 20 years later, there are still many people who will associate Xiangma with Xici Hutong, but strictly speaking, it’s not an entrepreneurial project?

Xiangma: of course not. At first, Xici Hutong was built because the Internet was boring in the early days. When I first came into contact with the Internet, all the Chinese websites were XX hotline and XX information port, and the website style and information content were carved like a mold. I want to be a fun community where everyone can run horses and occupy the land,The name Xiangma was originally intended for use in this community. From the day I had this idea to the day I couldn’t afford to sell it,Xici hutong is just what I want to doIt’s not a business. I think most of the people who tossed about on the Internet in 1998 should have no business purpose. At that time, there was no routine of financing ABC round of re listing. Before selling it to elong in 2000, many friends said they wanted to buy it. I said I couldn’t pit you. This is a loss.

Tips. The names in my memory

Zhujiang Road: born in a network community before Xici Hutong, domain name: zjl.com .

Xiangma: originally planned to be used for Internet community products. After encountering Zhujiang Road, Liu Hu took this name as his ID to play in the community. The delicate “Xici Hutong” almost became a bearded “Xiangma community”.

Xici Hutong: the naming mode is more or less affected by the “Pearl River Road”. Xici may be (Liu Hu himself is not sure) due to the repeated broadcast of the winning address in the radio program, No. 8, xicitang lane. Liu Hu hoped that this would be a smaller and lighter community, so he replaced the road with Hutong. It is not called Xici lane or Xici lane. It is hoped that Hutong, the northern appellation, will enhance the friendliness of northern netizens.

Tech maker: have you ever thought about what Xici hutong is to you?

Xiangma: (thinking for a while)It’s softwareFirst, it’s not a business. Second, it’s not my paradiseIn fact, I only played in Xici for one year,Since 1999, I don’t speak much in Xici temple. No matter what I say, I will be observed under a magnifying glassAndi (former reporter of Southern Newspaper Group and researcher of New York Times) is the person who sprays me the most. (laughter). One day, I wrote a paragraph and found that I spent more time on deliberating than writing. I simply deleted it and didn’t say a word. On the contrary, I was more active in other communities. My friends laughed at me and said that you always run wild on other people’s territory. Even Xici Hutong has brought a lot of constraints to my life, which is why I left Nanjing immediately after selling Xici.

I have a life creed that software is omnipresent. I think software is a method and an idea. Wisdom itself is software, software in a broad sense.Xici Hutong for me, is such a software, carrying a part of my meaning.

Tech maker: is the money spent on the West Temple in two years enough to buy a large apartment in the city center?

Xiangma: not so much (laughter).I didn’t think about investment when I decided to do it. When I couldn’t hold it, I let it go. I didn’t think much about money before and after.


Farewell to the West Temple, broken halberd spores

Spore community (Baidu search result 17300) is far less well-known than Xici Hutong, fibos and even netbox (Baidu search result 648000), but it is Xiangma’s first real venture.

Why did you choose to return to Xici Hutong in 2005?

Xiangma: in those years when I left Xici, some friends kept telling me that Xici had encountered problems, was not developing well, and Tianya was catching up Liu Hui (CEO of Xici hutong) also wants me to come back to make products. As for my own idea, to be honest, the project I did in Beijing is called netbox, which is an underlying software,From time to time, I think I’ll rewrite the temple with netbox in the future. So I went back to Xici in 2005. When I left in 2001, the average number of online people in Xici was more than 7000, and it was still more than 7000 in 2005. There was basically no development in four years. After rewriting, revising and upgrading, the number of people online at the same time in Xici Hutong has reached 12000 in a short time, and it will double every year in the next few years.

Unfortunately,In the era of mobile Internet, Xici Hutong turns a little slower. On August 28, 2001, when I was 30 years old, I left Xici for the first time; on August 28, 2011, when I was 40 years old, I left Xici again.

Tips · reference reading

People:Xiangma remembers the rise and fall of Xici

Scientific Innovators: there is not much information about spore community on the Internet, but scientific innovators are porters with entrepreneurial experience. How do you evaluate your first venture? What lessons have been learned?

Xiangma: it’s going to start in 2008. Xici Hutong has made a judgment for a long time that the position of Internet will be transferred from PC desktop to mobile Internet. Therefore, Xici is ready to transfer to mobile Internet. What’s the plan that yearSeparate and operate independentlyHowever, this step has been delayed for three years.

Tech maker: do you think innovation will be disturbed more or less in a closed system?

Xiangma: you can’t say that,Things need to be seen from two sides. Elong has its own system model and values. They need to examine a local innovation from an overall perspective. This is normal, not to mention interference.In fact, I’m not firm enough to say “I’m responsible for this matter, and I’ll take the responsibility myself if something goes wrong.”.

In 2011, I started to write about spore community after I left Xici, but I made a mistake at that timeA strategic mistake: in the years when I was waiting for the independent separation, I suppressed too many ideas about the mobile Internet of Xici Hutong. When I was doing spores, I just wanted to put these ideas to the ground,Too much time is spent on detail optimizationTechnology selection is also radical, using all H5 production, even regardless of whether the hardware can be implemented smoothly or not; and separating the front and back ends, which is a very common practice after a few years, when we all wrote it bit by bit.

The lesson is:MVP (minimum viable product) must be done. The number of people who serve a product in the early stage is limited. People also have a little understanding of you. You should first attract users to use it, and then enrich functions and optimize iteratively.We should set goals, three-month goals, six-month goals, and cut off all those irrelevant to the goals.But in those days, I wouldRead 100000 level post smoothlyIn fact, this is a small probability scenario, which is not necessary for early products.

There’s another factor,After coming out in 2011, I did it myself for more than half a year. Later, I recruited team members one after another, and only in 2014 did I introduce external funds.Looking back, the period from 2011 to 2012 is the outbreak of mobile Internet. By 2014, the enclosure of mobile Internet social sector has been basically completed.

Founder: when did the spore project officially end?

Xiangma: in 2016, we also tried some other directions in the later stage, such as the fitness heart rate belt project. It took only one and a half months from the idea to the product. The team’s combat effectiveness was still very strong (laughter), and it sold very well. But that’s not what I want to do,I hope that my energy and time will be put into what I want to do, and I will not give priority to making money or notIt was like this 20 years ago, and it’s still like this now. Therefore, the project is separated independently, and a team is still working. I started to work on other projects with the technical team, supporting myself and looking for the next opportunity.


Blockchain is what I want to do and happens to be a career

It was not until 2017 that Xiangma seriously understood the blockchain, and soon after that, he knew that he had encountered another “thing I want to do”.

Tech maker: it’s said that you were not interested in blockchain in the early years, but decided to join the blockchain industry in 2017. What happened?

Xiangma: to be exact, I’m not interested in blockchain, but I don’t understand it at all. At a party in 2014, baoerye (Guo Hongcai) said that bitcoin was very good while drinking. There was such a thing, but I didn’t take it to heart at all, and I didn’t study what blockchain is. In 2017, the team continued to take orders to support itself – we are very conceited and think that we can do what others can do (laughter). One of the projects involves blockchain. After reading the white paper for several months, we found the feeling. This is something I wanted to do more than 10 years ago, but it didn’t work.

In 1999, after working in Xici Hutong for a year, he encountered a series of troubles,I began to conceive a decentralized community, hoping that this community would be decoupled from the individual symbol of “I”.From protocol to encryption algorithm to routing addressing and a series of problems can be solved, but can not solve the incentive problem, who provides the server?Just like now, IPFs needs someone to provide servers and mining machines, that is, someone to mine. At that time, I didn’t find a way to mine.I think blockchain bears the future, it is the inevitable choice of Chinese society, and will completely change the way society operates.

Kechuang Ren: in your idea, what aspects will blockchain change the world?

Xiangma: compared with the Internet, the Internet greatly reduces the cost of information flow and makes the speed of information production and dissemination faster. andBlockchain aims at value flow. When the cost of value flow is low enough, a lot of light value and light assets will flow independently, and the demand of value gathering first and then flowing will be reduced.In the long run, blockchain will eliminate the concept of assets, and promoting the flow of light assets is only a means to this ultimate goal.

The reason why assets exist is that the transaction cost is too high and people have to own assets. The reason why the transaction cost is too high is that the trust cost is too highThink about the complicated procedures of buying a house and a car in the real world. We have to pay a high price to prove that something happened.The high cost of trust leads to the high transmission cost of value circulation. When the freight is higher than the value of returned goods, we would rather throw it away than return it, which hinders the flow of light value and light assets.In the past, the transaction cost of assets will become more and more effective, or the transaction cost of assets will not be reduced.In the medium and short term, it will narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, reduce the cost of trust, and enable the fragmented value to be activated and circulated. In the long term, the existence of money, heavy assets and financial institutions, which are used to solve the problem of trust, will gradually disappear.

Ke Chuang Ren: what role do you want to play in the process of leading to the future you expect?

Xiangma: my understanding of blockchain is also constantly adjusting. In 2018, we think that a large number of applications will be done on blockchain in the future. 2019 will be the year of DAPP outbreak. We hope to reduce the development cost of smart contract, and this will be done soon. But in 2019, I gradually reflect on my own judgment,If the core of the blockchain is trust and value, it should be stripped of unnecessary functions.Next, we began to promote the value of “less blockchain”, believing that a large number of DAPP businesses can be realized under the chain, and the combination of decentralization and centralization.Decentralization is neither an end nor a value. It is only a means to achieve the end. On the contrary, as long as the end can be better achieved, centralization and decentralization can be used.The reason for such a change of concept is based on the idea of blockchain,Don’t trust, verifyDon’t believe it. Verify itIf the high-performance blockchain is regarded as the direction, a large number of businesses will be implemented on the blockchain, which will greatly increase the verification cost. As mentioned above, the essence of blockchain is to reduce the trust cost. If the verification cost is increased, its core value will no longer exist.

There are many directions for the emergence of a technology,Strengthening some features will lead to the loss of others. We should face this Law squarely. What we need to do is not to reduce the loss, but to confirm what is the most valuable feature of this technology and give up the low value.

Technology maker: last question, have you ever conceived the end of your career? What will it eventually look like?

Xiangma: of course, there are various goals in the dimension of business operation, but I don’t think much about my own future. Xici Hutong, spore community and blockchain,Spore community is what I think I can do. Xici and blockchain are what I want to do. To do what I want to do, I don’t need to think too much about the future. As long as I can do it, I will do it and enjoy it.