Xcode set startup page


Preface: there are two ways to set the startup page in IOS: launch image and launchscreen

1、 Launch image

1. Search for asset catalog launch image set name in project targets — build settings, and then set the name of the created launch page, as shown in the following figure.

Xcode set startup page


2. In info Delete in plistLaunch screen interface file base nameAnd addLaunch imageAnd setLaunchImage

Xcode set startup page


3. Add launchimage to the resource file and put pictures of different sizes, as shown below:

Xcode set startup page


4. Delete the installed app and repack it

Xcode set startup page


2、 Launch screen

1. In info Add in plistLaunch screen interface file base nameAnd setLaunchScreen

Xcode set startup page


2. Set launch screen file in project targets — General

Xcode set startup page


3. On launchscreen Design startup page style in storyboard file

Xcode set startup page



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