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As we all know, when developing Apple applications, you need to use a signature (certificate) to package and install Apple

IPA, as a student who has just come into contact with ios development, is only learning the internal test of ios app development, and it is not on the shelves.

Appstore needs, it is really a great waste to pay 688 for Apple developer account authentication.

With appuploader, you only need to register an ordinary Apple account, without 688 authentication, you can package your own

I have developed an ios application and tested it on my own real machine. The following is a detailed tutorial:

Step 1: Register an Apple developer account Visit the following website and follow the prompts to register, because no support is required

Pay 688 to authenticate Apple developers, so there is nothing to say.

Registered address: Apple Developerhttps://developer.apple.com/cn/

Step 2: Download APP UploaderDownload address: Appuploader official website–IOS ipa upload and release

Tool, certificate creation tool cross-platform version, windows, linux, mac systems are available

(applicationloader.net) http://www.applicationloader….I’m here

It is a mac system installed by a VMware virtual machine, so I downloaded the mac installation package, decompressed it directly, and double-clicked it.

The appuploader can be started, see the following figure:

The main interface for adding a description is as follows:

Add a description to briefly introduce how to use this tool:

1. Log in, because there is no payment for 688

Therefore, when logging in, pay attention to check the unpaid 688:

add description

2. Function introduction, I mainly use three functional parts of the tool here:

Add the description certificate part: mainly generate the .p12 certificate file through the tool, the latter certificate needs to be imported

mac system.

Description file: This file mainly contains certificates, public keys, device information, etc., and is bound to the app.

Test equipment: mainly enter the ios mobile phone to be tested, mainly udid, udid can be understood as the device

A unique identification code, the acquisition of the udid of the iphone, you can install the driver through the appuploader

The tool automatically obtains other functional modules, which I have not used. For details, please refer to the help documentation of the tool software.

For more information, the help document also lists common problems and solutions: Appuploader FAQ

question (applicationloader.net),

Download link:http://help.applicationloader…No.

Three steps: use xcode to package and export the ipa file for internal testing by others 1. Import the mac system

The p12 certificate generated by appuploader, the import method is shown in the figure below: double-click the downloaded p12 file, the system

If prompted to enter a password, etc., follow the prompts to enter the password.

Add description 2. The key part, xcode uses this p12 certificate to package ipa: xcode is added

Apple developer account, with personal p12 certificate, the next step is to package ios application with xcode:

To add a description, remember to uncheck automatically manage signing

add description

add description

There is no problem with adding a description xcode compilation, an interface will pop up

add description

add description

Loading and adding description In the Products directory, copy the xxx.app file and create a new one

Playload folder, compress Playload folder, get Playload.zip file, modify

The Playload.zip file is the Playload.ipa file, so far the ios application installation file is ready.

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