X120mn12 guide rail


This paper introduces a kind of high wear-resistant x120mn12 guide rail, slide rail, chute, slide rail, rail, flat channel and channel steel

Of course, the x120mn12 made of high manganese steel must not be used for ordinary chute.

The manganese content of high manganese steel x120mn12 is as high as 11-14%, which has the characteristics of work hardening. The greater the external impact, the higher the wear resistance of its surface layer; with the gradual wear of the surface hardening layer, new work hardening layer will continue to form.
X120mn12 guide rail
X120mn12 is the best choice among wear-resistant materials such as strong impact resistance and high pressure material wear. It has the work hardening characteristics that other wear-resistant materials can’t match. Under the action of large impact load or contact stress, the surface hardness of steel plate increases rapidly from hb200 to hb500, As a result, the surface layer with high wear resistance is produced, while the austenite inside the steel plate still maintains good impact toughness.

The service life of x120mn12 high manganese steel is several times of that of high chromium cast iron and cast steel zgx120mn12. It is very convenient to install and replace, and can greatly improve the single machine operation rate. It is widely used in shot blasting machine, ball mill, pulverizer, safe, bulletproof car, fan grinding blade of power plant, mining equipment and other manufacturing industries.

X120mn12 rolling process products have excellent wear resistance to strong impact wear and high stress wear,

It is easy to cut, weld, bend and so on.

X120mn12, K700, 1.3401, A128 guide rail, need to start grinding in advance, precision rolling, high size.