Wuyuan technology attends 2020 China Taiyuan coal trading conference and signs strategic alliance


On December 11, 2019, the 2020 annual coal trading conference of China (Taiyuan) coal trading center was held ceremoniously. More than 2000 representatives from national and provincial departments, industry associations, railway and port transport units, as well as coal industry chain related enterprises, experts and scholars gathered in Shanxi Province to discuss the ideas of economic transformation and development in resource-based areas, promote the coal industry chain enterprises to establish long-term, stable, honest and efficient strategic partnership, and help Shanxi’s economic transformation and upgrading.

Wuyuan technology attends 2020 China Taiyuan coal trading conference and signs strategic alliance

Shenzhen Wuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, Dr. Jiao Zhenzhen of Wuyuan technology deeply explained the trusted data management technology of Wuyuan technology to the guests, and made an in-depth introduction from the aspects of “thing end, cloud end and chain end” architecture, how to ensure the authenticity and credibility of on-site supervision, and how to use blockchain to realize trusted massive data management, The guests and the audience responded warmly.

Wuyuan technology attends 2020 China Taiyuan coal trading conference and signs strategic alliance

Wuyuan technology attends 2020 China Taiyuan coal trading conference and signs strategic alliance

In addition, in this conference, Wuyuan technology and Shanxi yunqi Zhengtong Logistics Co., Ltd. and Yunxiao supply chain technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation of logistics supply chain data trusted alliance. Relying on this alliance, Wuyuan technology will, with its own technical advantages, carry out in-depth cooperation with senior enterprises in the industry, help enterprises realize data trusted management, promote the sound development of the supply chain industry and further upgrade the supply chain industry.

China (Taiyuan) coal trading center

China (Taiyuan) coal trading center is a state-owned, national and specialized trading center approved by the State Council. It is also a coal spot trading market with the largest trading volume, the highest trading volume and the largest number of registered dealers in China.

Shenzhen Wuyuan Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Wuyuan technology is the maker and leader of international standards for trusted data. Through the integration technology of blockchain and Internet of things, IOT can solve the widespread problem of untrusted data, and provide reliable control solutions for supply chain finance. The imsql storage technology developed by the company has solved the problem of full trusted storage of massive data for the first time in the world, avoiding the risk of divide and conquer on and off the data chain; Research and development of the original trustworthy Internet of things cloud and end of thing solution edgetrust, to solve the problem of on-site logistics tracking and perception data authenticity. At present, Wu Yuan technology is the chairman of IEEE trusted data management standard group, digital asset standard group, blockchain agricultural application group and Secretary General of blockchain Internet of things integration group. The participating enterprises in the group include IBM, Siemens, Huawei, Cisco, Haier, Xiaomi, Dell, Hitachi and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.

In the “end of things”, edge trust, which is independently developed by edge, enables the on-site monitoring equipment to ensure the identity credibility and data security of the monitoring equipment. For example, in the aspects of goods identification, logistics vehicle and storage monitoring, it can prevent the risks of identification being replaced and forged, data fraud and so on.

In the “cloud”, the trusted cloud service supports the high concurrency, massive and real-time data upload from the “cloud”, and ensures the security and non tampering of the data in the process of collection, so as to ensure that the data will not be stolen and tampered in the process of transmission.

At the “chain end”, imsql can get through the data flow of all participants and store the massive data collected by the end of the chain through the full amount of trusted storage of massive data, so as to ensure the mutual trust of data in all aspects. Core enterprises, upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain, financial institutions, etc. can jointly maintain and share the necessary data in the interconnected data pool to prevent any unilateral tampering with the data. In addition, based on the innovative privacy protection technology of imsql, many parties can not see the unauthorized data while maintaining the data together.