Wuyuan community version is free! Salute the times!


Dear development partners

As developers, we enjoy a lot of free software every day, ranging from operating system, database, to a plug-in, Linux, mysql, nodejs, NPM, eclipse, chrome… A long list of familiar names. If not standing on the shoulders of giants, build from scratchNo far development platform (enhancer)It’s almost impossible.No distanceFor the futureLeader of cloud development modelandProviders of cloud native application development infrastructureFree to the developer community is our responsibility as technicians and the inevitable requirement of the times. Give WayTechnology is more inclusive, making development easierIt is the original intention of Wuyuan.Let every meticulous production and life link enjoy smooth information convenienceIt is the vision that Wuyuan hopes to create with all developers. In order to achieve the goal, we need to continuously enrich and expand the development technology circle, ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the platform itself, at the same time, let more developers participate in the construction and use, so that more people can enjoy the convenience of informatization.

Therefore, on the first day of the new year in 2021, we solemnly announce that from now on, you are using the community version project released by enhancer for free!

There is no difference in functional integrity between the community version and the enterprise version. The biggest difference is that the enterprise version allows you to commercially sell the software products you have developed, while the community version does not. The specific comparison is shown in the table below. The functions that are not specifically listed for comparison are exactly the same as the default representation of services
Wuyuan community version is free! Salute the times!

More detailed descriptionSee here

No matter whether you are actively preparing for the entrepreneurial project, or to promote the efficiency of the company’s business, or to improve the quality of school teaching service, or to participate in an NGO project, we hope you can benefit from it. We also listen to your valuable opinions in the community at any time!

Finally, I wish you a happy new year and all the best!

Hangzhou Wuyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd
January 1, 2021