(Wuhan) PHP development, full time recruitment


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PHP Development Engineer

1. Cooperate with H5 engineers to complete the research and development of web front and back end, and mobile page development (semi-native framework, apicloud).

  1. Responsible for communication with product manager, research new technology to meet the needs of products, promote products to be more perfect and give users better experience.


1. Familiar with PHP development, familiar with common web framework, familiar with symfony development is preferred;

2. Proficient in using PHP to operate PgSQL;

3. Proficient in web development technology, including HTML, JS, CSS, database, etc;

4. Have strong ability of technology research and innovation, can effectively grasp the direction of technology development;

5. Have good communication skills and learning ability, have a good sense of teamwork;

6. Good code habit, clear structure, standard naming, strong logic and low code redundancy

7. Education is not limited, computer or related major is preferred; more than half a year of PHP development experience is enough.

Work address: Wuhan Optical Valley International Headquarters, Hubei Province

Contact information: 15327381206 (same number of wechat)

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