Write business code in the company every day and hang up several companies. Is there no way out for writing business code?


Write at the beginning

Sometimes, it’s not whether you can do it or not, but whether you want it or not. Now you waste time studying hard so that you can better choose the life you want in the future

As a programmer, he is always trapped in business development. He is busy typing code every day. From system development to bug modification, he feels like a duck to water. At an occasional party, I heard that the students who started working with me had already made an annual salary of tens of thousands. Now the company they stay in always doesn’t raise salary, so they also want to change jobs, see new opportunities, find a new platform and develop well.

During the interview, those familiar interview questions couldn’t be answered. For example, what are the benefits of using the spring framework? Or the replication types supported by MySQL? At this time, you will begin to question your ability and regret why you didn’t review well at the beginning.

Write business code in the company every day and hang up several companies. Is there no way out for writing business code?

How to win the favor of the interviewer, in addition to solid basic skills, we should also learn to guide the interviewer. For example, when answering questions about redis, if you didn’t mention “troubleshooting oom problems caused by too long timeout”, you can also say, “I also solved XX problem for redis”, and the interviewer will naturally follow your guidance.

Then you can talk about the project, “in addition to redis, you also used Dubbo components, resulting in problems caused by too long Dubbo timeout.” then the interviewer will naturally ask some questions about the underlying details of Dubbo.

Write here, you can see that in addition to the interview, you need to have oneAdvanced guidance skillsIn addition, we also need to learn as much as possible fromThe underlying principles, source code and so on, and finally to the architectureMany aspects of in-depth research, these are the capital with confidence in front of the interviewer.

Especially now, in the interview process, it is not just a question and answer of knowledge points, but also the focus of the investigation. At that time, the business code begins to show its charm, just depends on how you should answer and turnover, and guide the interviewer’s question and answer through the business scenario of the project, This requires you to deal with all kinds of exceptions at ordinary times, not just to run through the program and realize the project function, but also to understand the internal causes of the problem. At this time, the underlying principle of the technology mentioned above will be displayed at this time

Recently, I asked several friends and summarized the following knowledge points from the problems they encountered during the interview:Multithreading and high concurrency, JVM tuning, design pattern, redis, zookeeper, MySQL tuning

In fact, I think normal companies should begin to apply these technologies to their own business scenarios. In that case, the rest is to study them in depth, such asThread pool memory leak, lock upgrade, cache breakdownIn this way, during the interview, can you achieve the effect I said – guide the interviewer through the business scenario, or show your ability

Of course, it will be very tired, but now you waste time studying hard in order to better choose the life you want in the future. When you really have the opportunity to show it in front of you, don’t regret that you have wasted a lot of time in bars and games

Of course, some friends will say,Looking directly at the official website really can’t see pure English. English itself is not particularly good

Excuse me, the browser can translate, and there are a lot of resources on the Internet. Are those Chinese resources enough for you to learn

Some friends will say,The company just can’t reach that level, and many technologies can’t be contacted. What should we do?

Big brother, if you can stay in such a company and don’t want to improve yourself quickly, jump out and seek better development, what else can I advise you? Do you think it’s an excuse

Sometimes, it’s not whether you can do it or not, but whether you want it or not

Not that there’s no information. Okay, the information is ready for you

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