WOx stock plug-in developed with Python


Let’s use a picture to show the effect,


WOx is a launcher under the windows platform, it provides an input box, users can input content in the input box, trigger a variety of functions. The common functions include searching files (integrating everything), searching web pages, translating, executing system commands, etc. Similar to Alfred in MAC system.

In WOx, these functions are implemented through plug-ins,


About the development process of Python plug-in, talking about the writing of WOx plug-in is a good tutorial, which will not be repeated here.

Add 2 stepping pits:

  1. Stock data is parsed from Google’s search results, which inevitably involves the agent function. For Python plug-ins, the proxy settings for WOx clients do not seem to work, so you can only use the urllib.request.getproxies () get the system agent as a supplement.
  2. At the beginning, pyquery was used to parse the HTML data of search results, and the problem of invalid selectors was often encountered. After changing to beautiful soap, the problem was solved.


Finally, the plug-in address: http://www.wox.one/plugin/311



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