World Intellectual Property Day: using blockchain to realize “no thieves in the world”


April 26 is the 20th World Intellectual Property Day.With the development of economy, intellectual property infringement disputes occur frequently, which not only disturbs the market order, but also attacks the innovation enthusiasm. The importance of intellectual property protection has been raised to a new height.

Xiao Yang, the user of Baidu super chain trusted certificate storage platform, is an ordinary photographer. He described the current situation of image copyright protection as follows: “after the completion of photography creation, the cost of image copyright confirmation is high and the time is long. Once infringed, go to the notary office and fix the infringement evidence on the Internet by the notary, then go to the copyright office to make an application, and finally initiate a formal right protection to the court. In the end, whether it is a settlement or the submission of a civil lawsuit, it is extremely time-consuming and energy-consuming. “

World Intellectual Property Day: using blockchain to realize

Photographers and users of Baidu super chain certificate storage platform discuss the problem of image piracy and infringement

The fundamental reason why the process of safeguarding rights is so complicated lies in the problem of isolated data island in the process of obtaining evidence, providing evidence and safeguarding rights. Professional institutions should repeatedly identify each link to eliminate the space of evidence falsification or tampering. Based on the anti tampering and traceability of blockchain, this problem can be effectively solved.

In the process of certificate storage, the openness of the blockchain allows anyone to write information to the blockchain at any time and any place, so that the copyright registration is not limited by time and space, and the cost is lower than the traditional way.Baidu super chain has launched a trusted certificate storage platform. At present, it supports documents, pictures, videos, electronic contracts and other types of data to be uploaded directly to the certificate storage platform and called by SDK. After the user saves the certificate, he / she will get the unique certificate, blockchain preservation letter and exclusive certificate ID. the super chain also supports online real-time verification, which can tell whether it is true or false as soon as it is checked on the chain, effectively reducing the cost of intellectual property registration.

In addition, baidu super chain connects with Beijing Internet court, Guangzhou Internet court and other judicial institutions, so as to make the data have legal effect and continuously improve the credibility of the system.In 2019, he has successfully helped a photographer win a lawsuit and get compensation in copyright protection cases by using blockchain electronic evidence. Beijing Internet court supported the plaintiff’s use of blockchain as a means of evidence storage, recognized the cross chain docking between Baidu evidence chain and Tianping chain of Beijing Internet court, determined that the data had not been tampered with, and determined the corresponding infringement facts.

World Intellectual Property Day: using blockchain to realize

After the deposit, the unique Baidu super chain deposit preservation letter was obtained

Not only in the aspects of deposit, proof and rights protection, but also in the aspects of blockchain and other advanced technologies can play an important role. In the aspect of infringement detection,Combined with the advantages of Baidu’s leading artificial intelligence piracy detection technology, a copyright detection system has been built to make the dissemination of works traceable, reprinted and monitored, and to better protect high-quality original content.At present, the copyright detection system has covered hundreds of billions of data in the whole network, the recognition accuracy is more than 99.6%, and it can run all day.

Copyright is the core application scenario of blockchain certificate storage. In order to better empower individual original authors and b-end content platform,Baidu super chain will hold an online live broadcast at 19:00 on April 28 to explain how blockchain is combined with copyright protection with actual cases.At the same time,One cent deposit will also be launched on the day of live broadcast. During the event, you can recharge and purchase the deposit service, and you can enjoy the preferential price of one cent for each ordinary deposit.