WordPress powerful website building cforms II message board plug-in


Recently, when building a customer’s enterprise website, you need to submit information to the form page of the database. However, the comment function of WordPress has its limitations. You’d better customize the form and find a contact form 7. This plug-in can define the form you need to submit in the background. After studying it, you can find that it sends e-mail directly to the web Station construction administrator mailbox, can’t submit information to the database, so can’t look up in the background, so still can’t meet the requirements of website construction and development, continue to search.



Finally, I found this cforms II form plug-in, and found that it is really powerful. You can not only customize the website construction form, choose whether to submit it to the database, or even realize the verification code, but also realize the Ajax submission of information. Basically, you can define and modify the website construction by yourself, and edit the form, just like inserting a picture into the corresponding page with one click, so to speak, you don’t have to worry about it As for PHP code, it can only be implemented in the background. At present, there are only English versions. We have found some Chinese documents written by strong people, which are basically before version 10.5. We don’t support the latest version 12.2 very well, but the basic information translation is enough. At the same time, I sincerely lament the power of WordPress, which is not only the application of personal blog, but also in the construction of enterprise website. As long as you can think of the basic functions, there will be corresponding plug-ins to realize them. How can such a good thing be tampered with by the people of China.



In fact, Contact Form 7 plug-in is also very good. Compared with crormsII, although the function is relatively simplified, it is lighter. If you do not need information to enter the website to build a database, this plug-in is very suitable

Finally, the download addresses of these two plug-ins are attached:

Cforms II form plug-in: cforms-v13.1.zip

Contact form 7 plug-in: wp-contact-form.

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