WordPress plug-in development and design


One of the most remarkable factors of WordPress is that there are not many developments around this content management system. Due to the flexibility of WordPress itself, designers and programmers can create a variety of inspirational WordPress designs. If you want to learn how to make WordPress Themes and create beautiful designs, here are a few plug-ins that can help you develop WordPress designs well:

1. Theme switch & Preview

Nicolas kuttler’s plug-in can preview templates online. And it also has a gadget and short code, and it’s very easy to design a switch WordPress. The plug-in offers many options, and as a developer you are sure to love it.

 2. User switching

This plug-in is very sophisticated, it allows you to easily switch between multiple users. If your client asks you to design a theme for him that is applicable to multiple low-level accounts, and you do not want these users to see the settings in the control background, then you can develop with this plug-in. You can switch between different users by clicking a button.

 3. Get the image

The so-called image capture plug-in is to capture images for you. You can use it to grab images and display them in articles that use custom fields. WP’s post image feature or you can also extract images from articles. If you like to post pictures, this plug-in is perfect. Here’s a FAQ about it.

 4. Query posts

For those who don’t like tossing PHP, this plug-in is just for them. This plug-in creates a gadget that lets you display articles the way you want them to. With this gadget, users can display items in the way they want without knowing the code. It supports categories, labels, custom taxonomies, authors, dates, times, and so on.

5. NextGen Gallery

This plug-in is really valuable. I think it can be an integral part of WordPress core. This plug-in is a very complete content management system for pictures, and it also has its own plug-in. Whether you are a WordPress developer or a pure WordPress user, I think you can add this plug-in to the list of WordPress required plug-ins.

  6. YD Network-wide Options

The YD network wide options plug-in allows you to easily copy your blog or plug-in configuration across WordPress 3.0 networks. It’s compatible with wordpressmu, and it’s often updated by authors.

7. Members

Like the user switch plug-in, the members plug-in allows you to manage user roles in WordPress. This plug-in allows you to manage the permission categories of each role. You can add or remove features to a role, or you can create a new role. This ensures that all users can only enjoy the rights you specify. This plug-in is essential if you plan to run WordPress as a content management system.

8. Custom post type UI

This plug-in provides you with a user interface for maintaining custom content types and taxonomies. WordPress 3.0 provides better support for custom content types and taxonomies, and this plug-in greatly improves the usability of the user interface. It’s a great plug-in and a must-have tool for every WordPress designer.

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