WordPress Data Backup Center Sharing


Server money is used up to shut down or the server wants to move, it needs to backup all kinds of data.

Today, I simply backed up all kinds of files and resources of WordPress on the server.

WordPress data is mainly divided into two parts, one is the text part; the other is the attachment part, such as pictures, audio, video and so on.

The text is written in Mysql, which is the post table in wp. Because the audio and video are relatively large, they are generally outside the chain.

The only real storage is pictures. The location of the image storage is: / wp-content/uploads directory, so when backing up,

We just need to backup the contents in the wp-content folder and Mysql database.

The reason why we need to backup wp-content folders instead of uploads is that besides attachments, we usually use different themes and a certain number of plug-ins. Themes, plug-ins and daily uploaded attachments are all in the wp-content directory.

Wp-content backup method: general server management uses Cpanel and DA control panels, generally Cpanel. The method is through the host control panel, check the directory, compress the wp-content folder, and then download and save; of course, it can also be completed through ftp, of course, provided that you have a very high-privileged FTP to use.

Backup method of Mysql database: Take Cpanel as an example, find Phpmysql management in Cpanel. There should be 10 data tables in it and export them.

In addition, in addition to this violent export method, it can also be exported through the plug-in BACKUP.

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