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This article was written for a Hong Kong man when I was working part-time. I didn’t continue to do it because of the unhappy cooperation. Now contribute this document, I believe it is very helpful for novice friends to contact WordPress plug-in!

Introduction to WP plug-in

1. Alinks supports user-defined automatic hyperlinks (hyperlinks are automatically inserted after the text of the article matches, which is conducive to increasing internal connections and user experience)

2. Audio player music playing (flash player, good effect)

3. Google sitemap generator sitemap generation plug-in, generating sitemap is conducive to search engine optimization

4. Show other related articles in wordpress-23-related-posts-plugin articles

5. WordPress thread comment comment nesting

6. X-emotions or WP grins comments or articles with simple emoticons

7. WP postviews article views display statistics plug-in

8. GD star rating supports rating and voting of articles and messages

9. WP pagenavi article paging plug-in

10. WordPress database backup MySQL database backup plug-in, regularly sent to the user’s mailbox

11. WP user online online people statistics plug-in

12. WP poll voting plug-in

13. Nectgen Gallery plugin

14. WP? Addbookmarks bookmark icon display plug-in

15. Plugins for displaying previous and next articles in pagebar articles

16. Category order article category plug-in

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Plug in usage code

WP postviews article browsing statistics

Modify the corresponding positions of index.php and single.php

WP pagenavi article paging plug-in code

Replace the template’s index.php previous page, next page



  ’Pages: ‘))?>

Add it to the corresponding location of single.php

Audio player music playing plug-in


Autostart for autoplay, loop for loop

After decompression, put the contents of the folder directly in the plugins folder

WP poll voting plug-in

The calling code in the article is [poll = ID], ID is the voting number, which can be queried under the manage poll menu; the calling code in the sidebar

Scheme 1: enable the widget plug-in to support PHP, and then add PHP code to the widget

Scheme 2: modify the code of sidebar.php directly

WP user online online people statistics plug-in

Scheme 1: enable the widget plug-in to support PHP, and then add PHP code to the widget

Scheme 2: modify the code of sidebar.php directly

The basic code of NextGen Gallery album


Create a new page, switch to HTML code mode, and then insert code to publish

(the ID is replaced by the corresponding album ID, and then the plug-in sets the corresponding album and uploads the picture)

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