WordPress blog seo more perfect 6 Tips


WordPress is a very good blog program, and also one of the site building programs that many bloggers like. WordPress is not only rich in templates, but also has enough plug-ins for us to choose from. WordPress does a very good job in search engine optimization. In search engine optimization, it basically solves about 80% of our problems, but the remaining 20% or so of SEO Work, or need to be done manually, but also very necessary, how can we do the remaining 20% of the work? Let’s take a look at this article!

1. Enrich keywords and description
Keywords and description are very important for any type of website. This is the first thing the search engine sees. It can also be said that it is the facade of your website, which is related to the theme of your entire website. Although some people say that this part of writing also has less and less impact on the ranking of search engines, it does not mean that this part of writing has no effect. If it has In terms of conditions and time, we should try our best to fill in keywords and description.

2. The format of blog title should be reasonable
Title is the text generally displayed in the title bar of the browser. Some WordPress templates use the format of “blog title > > Article title”, which is not recommended. It is recommended to use the format of “article title – blog title”, which can be modified with the following code:
Modify the current WordPress template, and replace the original < title > < title > in the header with < title > < PHP WP ﹤ title (‘& laquo;’, true, ‘right’);? > PHP bloginfo (‘name ‘);? > < title >
In addition, try to include keywords in the title.

3. Key words related to the theme of the website should be included in the title
This is also mentioned in the above. The title of the article for SEO is the content of search engine’s first contact and the essence of the whole article. Therefore, when writing the title of the article, it is necessary to put relevant keywords in the whole website. For example, there is an article about ixwebhosting “how to use the discount code to save the most money”. Here, it’s better to put ixwebhosting in the title, and change it to “how to use the ixwebhosting discount code to save the most money” or “how to use the ixwebhosting host discount code to save the most money”. So for search engines, it can quickly and well identify the content of the article, and then rank you Name has an impact.

4. It’s better to add keywords at the beginning of the passage
The title of the article is mentioned above, and then it is the beginning of the paragraph. The beginning of the paragraph is the thought of the whole article. Therefore, it is possible to add keywords at the beginning of the article. If it can’t be added, don’t add keywords. The words added should not be too rigid. The keywords added here should be reasonable and don’t add too many keywords, so It’s easy to cause keywords piling up, only to get the “opposite” effect.

5. Add tag attribute to blog post
Many bloggers don’t care much about the tag attribute. It doesn’t matter how much they feel. If you think so, you are wrong. Tag can increase the user’s experience. In addition, when the search engine grabs the content, it will also pay attention to the relevant tag keywords. When writing blog articles, it is necessary to add the tag attribute keywords for the blog as much as possible.

6. It is better to have keywords in the URL of the page
The format of the URL address used in the blog is user-defined, so when you customize the URL address, try to make the URL address unique, otherwise it will cause the copied content and affect the search engine result ranking, whether it is set to Pinyin or English, it depends on your hobbies. It is better to set the English address with keywords for the English website The optimization of is very helpful.

Note: there is a URL setting in WordPress that is a permanent link. Using this link requires that your server support the rewrite function (which is often referred to as pseudo static startup). Use this link to confirm that the article title uses a permanent link. Then you can set the page name yourself.

In addition to the content described above, the image in the page can also be added with the corresponding alt attribute information, and confirm that these tags match the displayed content, which will help search engines better know the content of the image. Of course, you can also add a few keywords in alt, not too many gates, that is to say, it’s piled up, cheating, to be K station.

SEO optimization requires little accumulation, continuous improvement and summary. If you are interested in WordPress development, you can look at the Chinese translation document http://www.wordpress.la/codex.html of WordPress. The content is all translated from the WordPress official website. The knowledge of WordPress development is available, which is useful for bloggers interested in WordPress development.