Word · method of finding arbitrary Chinese characters

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“Word · method of finding any Chinese character”
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1、 Introduction & backgroundDegree of completion: 100%

a) Dealing with problems

Today, we need to change the Chinese characters on the left into the format shown on the right. It is also ready to be processed in word, but how to find Chinese characters?

Word · method of finding arbitrary Chinese characters

b) Coping scenario

  • Need to find the scene of Chinese characters.
  • Need to findRequired contentReplace withInclude required contentFormat.

c) Solution principle & method

  1. Ctrl+HOpen the replacement window and check it“Use Wildcards “, using[!1-127], to find.
  2. If you want to replace the found required content in the replacement, use it in the search content input box()Wrap it up and use it in the replace box\1Instead.
Word · method of finding arbitrary Chinese characters

2、 Statements and referencesDegree of completion: 100%

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