Wonderful review! Full release record of visual studio 2017 official edition


In another release season, Microsoft held a release conference at 9:00 on March 7, 2017 Pacific time on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the visual studio brand, announcing the official release of the new generation of development tool visual studio 2017. Also released are

.NET Core Tooling 1.0

.NET Core Microservice instance

Visual Studio for MAC preview 4

Visual Studio Mobile Center Preview

Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1

While waiting for the live broadcast, I refreshed my subscription to visual studio in boredom and found that the download information had been online half an hour in advance. In addition, interestingly, visual studio was also online in Microsoft’s store in China at the same time.

At 12:05 Beijing time, the live broadcast began. Ms. pan zhenglei, senior vice president of Microsoft and director of vs product group, first appeared, and the first group of guests she invited was very happy.

It automatically ignores adults and focuses on the little girl. She is only a few years old. She has project development experience, has been interviewed by Obama and has opened her own session. It’s strong enough!

Later, we will officially announce the release of visual studio 2017, especially invite Huawei, the booth enterprise, and then a short video of Huawei using vs (voice over, do you have a familiar accent?)

Then Scott began to introduce the basic functions of visual studio 2017. The first is the refreshing installation interface.

The first screen work page has also been improved to ensure a faster return to work.

The legacy code base connection problem has also been greatly improved, with more friendly connection to the server.

The gorgeous live testing interface is very efficient, but I don’t agree with her code style.

As an editor, supporting extensible code specifications is essential

Refactoring can be based on the code specifications defined above, which is necessary for large teams.

Next comes the cloud Net core, container support information

Continue to emphasize Net unified platform, Troika: NET FW,. Net core and xamarin, there is a small detail. The icon of vs has been changed.

Waited for half a year Net core tools has been officially released. Well, the project format has changed again (why “again”)

I seem to see another vs integration point, associated services. At present, I only see application insight. I don’t know whether it can support third-party services

Support microservices. Well, I’ve thought a lot, but vs2017 supports docker, which can be relied on

In addition, Microsoft provides microservice best practices and examples

This architecture diagram is a little interesting

Then it introduces xamarin and mobile development

Miguel announces visual studio for Mac preview 4 release

IOS simulation on window, finally no need to develop with black apple

Played some advanced games, and xamarin also supports watch

Next, heavy release, visual studio mobile center, online multi platform mobile application management (compilation, testing and release)

Finally, tfs2017 update 1, Devops topic

Tfs2017 Update1 adds many functions related to data analysis

Enterprise integrated Redgate SQL tools

Finally, Microsoft thanked its partners for their support for the official version of visual studio 2017.


There is still a lot of content in the two hours. Although there are no dazzling new functions, many improvements have solved the pain points of the majority of programmers. Well, finally, I emphasize that visual studio 2017 can be downloaded. Welcome to use it.

Visual studio 2017 download address:https://www.visualstudio.com/zh-hans/downloads/

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