With this toolkit, wechat development does not need to build wheels repeatedly


Hello everyone, I am a small editor who broke my heart for the majority of programmers. It is my goal to recommend a gadget / source code every day, fill your favorites, and share a small skill every day, so that you can easily save development efficiency and achieve no overtime, no staying up late and no hair loss!

Today, Xiaobian recommends a WeChat Java SDK development kit to support WeChat’s payment, open platform, official account, enterprise number / enterprise WeChat, editorial recommendation, etc. This development kit is based on the Weixin java tools of chanjarster. It adds many functions and modules, and does a lot of optimization and reconstruction, making the interface easier to use and convenient for development.

Open source protocol

Use apache-2.0 open source license agreement

Link address

The official account [Github navigation station] reply to the key word [WSD] to get the GIT address.


  • It does not rely on any MVC framework or servlet;
  • It is only used as a tool and can be easily embedded into any system;
  • Support enterprise number, official account, small program and WeChat payment development.

The SDK consists of six parts:

  • Weixin Java common, public class library
  • WeXin Java pay, wechat payment SDK
  • Weixin Java miniapp, wechat applet SDK
  • Weixin Java CP, enterprise SDK
  • Weixin-java-mp, official account number (subscription number, service number) SDK
  • Weixin Java open, wechat open platform (third-party platform) SDK


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