With the release of IOS 14, has Apple started to refer to Android?


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In the early morning of June 23, WWDC 2020 developer conference was officially held. Apple has brought us a new IOS 14. Let’s take a look at it.

As the highlight of the WWDC, IOS 14 has brought three new portable features to users: desktop widget, picture in picture and application library.

With the release of IOS 14, has Apple started to refer to Android?

About the new features of Apple’s desktop widget, you can refer to Android’s desktop gadgets. You can freely select desktop widgets and adjust their size freely. This is no different from Android. To be fair, Apple seems to be carrying Android desktop gadgets directly.

With the release of IOS 14, has Apple started to refer to Android?

However, apple does not copy this function completely. Compared with the desktop widget function of Android, apple IOS 14 desktop widget can support “intelligent overlay” function, and can intelligently display relevant application functions according to different time, such as weather, schedule and health data.

With the release of IOS 14, has Apple started to refer to Android?

In addition, the second new feature is picture in picture. I believe that we have long been familiar with this function. Most apps or browsers support the function of picture in picture.

And the picture in picture function brought by IOS 14 this time, on the basis of these, has more convenience. The picture in picture function can support floating display on the main screen and other applications. In addition, the function also supports free adjustment of picture size, drag to adjust the position of the picture, and hide to the side of the screen to continue playing, similar to the background operation of a computer.

With the release of IOS 14, has Apple started to refer to Android?

As far as this function is concerned, compared with the same function of Android, there is no bright spot to boast about. Android can achieve similar effects. However, compared with the previous generation of IOS 13, this upgrade has brought different convenience, and this function is worth looking forward to.

The function of application library is equivalent to ordinary folder, but the difference is that the function can automatically classify app by type. In other words, after the user hides the home screen app, the function can intelligently classify the hidden app into a certain folder according to its type. Next time, there is no need to search repeatedly, just find the corresponding folder.

The above is the new small features brought by IOS 14 this time. On the whole, benchmarking Android related functions throughout the process is quite surprising. According to a consistent saying, the upgrading of Android is all copying from apple, and apple is the real boss. This time, apple overturned the traditional cognition of the industry and began to imitate the relevant functions of Android. This is good news.

With the release of IOS 14, has Apple started to refer to Android?

With regard to the release of IOS 14, Apple has also provided a list of IOS 14 compatible models. The specific list is as follows:

iPhone 11、iPhone 11 Pro、iPhone 11 Pro Max、iPhone Xs、iPhone Xs Max、iPhone XR、iPhone X、iPhone 8、iPhone 8 Plus、iPhone 7、iPhone 7 Plus、iPhone 6s、iPhone 6s Plus、iPhone SE (1st generation)、iPhone SE (2nd generation)、iPod touch (7th generation)。

Overall, the coverage is very wide, and the earliest support for iPhone 6 and iPhone se is very good.

There are a lot of discussions on the Internet about the upgrade of IOS 14. There are different opinions. What do you think of it?

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