WinXP System Computer Can’t Find Hard Disk How to Do WinXP System Can’t Find Hard Disk Reasons and Solutions


What if the computer is equipped with an XP system and can’t find a hard disk? Many users of WinXP system encounter the situation that the hard disk of the computer can not be displayed or the hard disk does not exist, and there is no boot when the system is booted. How to solve this problem? The following editors share with you the specific reasons why WinXP system can not find the hard disk and the solutions, hoping to help you.

WinXP system can not find hard disk reasons and solutions:

It is suggested to start the computer with U-disk first and see if hard disk can be detected under the PE system. If hard disk can be detected, the third case can be seen directly. If it can not be detected, the following two cases can be found.

The first case: poor contact or hard disk line falling off.

If it can’t be detected by other computers, it can only indicate that the hard disk is damaged, repaired directly or bought a hard disk from a treasure to replace (for those who are familiar with the installation of computer hardware).

Second case: oxides blocking the passage of current due to long-term use

After long-term use of the hard disk, the oxidation on the golden finger of the back circuit board leads to poor contact. It is necessary to remove the oxide on the golden finger by oneself. This operation is recommended for professionals to operate (it is suggested that professionals in hardware should be found to operate or repair it, and it should be carried out by professionals).

Third case: the hard disk boot is damaged, resulting in the computer boot can not find the boot

This situation is quite common, Xiaobian also encountered many times, the method is simple, the system can be re-installed, and repair boot, using boot U disk to start PE system re-installed system, but also can try to use PE system for hard disk detection, if PE system can not detect hard disk, that is the first two cases, straight. If PE can detect hard disk, it means that only boot damage can be solved by reinstalling the system and repairing boot. It is suggested to use DiskGenius Hard Disk Detection Software to detect the bad track of hard disk at the same time to see if there is any bad track.

At the end of the article, the above is Xiao Editor and you share the WinXP system computer can not find the hard disk how to do? WinXP system can not find the reason and solution of hard disk, follow the above steps to solve the problem.

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